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Update – “Warder: Changing Guard”

“Warder: Changing Guard” is moving along nicely. I’m nearing completion of the first draft. Most of the material is still taken directly from the scripts I had written years ago for the first three issues of the planned “Warder” comic book series. There is some new material in this book that is unique to it, though – things based on ideas that have occurred to me since. These are elements I wanted to bring in later, and am taking this opportunity to set the stage for them right from the start. Hopefully this book will be going into edits in the near future.

For those of you not familiar with this project, “Warder” had originally been planned as an on-going, bimonthly comic book series. It falls squarely into the genre of high fantasy. The main character is a 19-year-old girl named Kayley Enid who goes to a wizard, hoping to be taken on as his new apprentice. Kayley ends up getting much, much more than she had expected, or wanted, out of the visit.

“Warder: Changing Guard” is adapted from the first scripts for the comic series. This will be Book 1 in a series of “Warder” books. As excited as I am about finally doing something with this property, I’m seriously tempted to jump right from drafting Book 1, and into Book 2. But, I need to at least take the time between those to do artwork for the next issue of “MoonWraith“.

Scott Harper

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