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Free Comic Book Day 2012

Just a reminder: I’ll be at Yancy Street Comics – 9409 U.S. Highway 19, Port Richey, FL 34668 – for Free Comic Book Day 2012. That will be Saturday, May 5, 2012. For those of you familiar with this area,Yancy Streetis inside Gulf View Square Mall. I’ll be selling work and signing autographs. Soon as I have a start time for the event, I’ll let you know. I hope to see you all there!

Scott Harper

New review for “Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects”

ImageNew review for “Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects”:

Scott Harper

Second Sentence Shares

Authors sometimes use the first sentence of a book in promos. For one of my books, the first sentence may well affect the read for the previous book for anyone who hasn’t yet read it. So, I’m going to use the second sentence of each of my books for promos.

Second sentence share: “Winter’s Rite” – – Avari pushed himself upward, breaking the surface of the water with his head and shoulders.

Second sentence share: “Well Wishes” – – Her voice, rhythmic and harmonious, typical of the Elven race, was heavily laced with anxiety.

Second sentence share: “Gauntlet” – – He squinted in the near darkness, checking that he had the Slim-Jim in the proper place.

Second sentence share: “Predators or Prey?” – – Revealed in the wake of the knitted material were white arm hairs and brown age spots.

Second sentence share: “Necromancer” – – The contemplation rolled through Wendy Markland’s mind for the millionth time that day.

Second sentence share: “Vindicated” – – Ahead of her, the sun-bleached blacktop shimmered in the baking sun, the mirage giving the impression that the gray asphalt has been flooded with water.

Second sentence share: “Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects” – noise assaults his ears as the strident sounds of the too-loud music pummel the roof beneath him, shaking the entire building in rhythm with the pulsing beat

Second sentence share: “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” – Forthcoming – Clearing the last micro droplets of sweat away, her vision returned to normal and the green blur she had been seeing sharpened into layers upon layers of leaves, fronds, vines and ferns once again.

Scott Harper

Scott Harper Author Interview

Author interview with Scott Harper:

Scott Harper

“Predators or Prey?” film adaptation funding sought.

Every since the first Wendy Markland novel, “Predators or Prey?”, was released by Dark Castle Lords Publications in its original e-book edition in 2008, there has been interest in adapting it as a film, TV series or web-series –

Different people have wanted to do different things with it. Sadly, to date, they’ve all fallen through.

Currently, an independent producer who wants to make a film adaptation of “Predators or Prey?” is estimating a $3 million budget to do the project. An actor who wants to be involved says that, if the producer and/or I can come up with the first 500K then he, the actor, should be able to get hold of the remaining $2.5 million for this project.

Scott Harper

TV pilot producer/distributor still needed.

I am still searching for a producer/distributor for “MoonWraith”. This project is the pilot episode for a character-drive action/horror TV series. “MoonWraith” is set in Medieval Europe against the backdrop of a war between humans and werewolves. The stories I have planned are character-centric, delving into life on both sides of the war – human and werewolf.

At present, I have 42 people, a couple of whom are fairly well-known names, who want to be part of this project as cast or crew. I have a complete pilot script, which is registered with the Writer’s Guild, and a partial series bible to accompany it.

Scott Harper

Paranormal Romance Guild

As of today, I have been approved as a member of the Paranormal Romance Guild. This is due-in large part-to my Wendy Markland novels.

Scott Harper

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