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Another “Hidden Tribe” 5-Star Review!


Go here to see the latest 5-star review for “Hidden Tribe” – the newest release by Desiree Lee, and myself!

Scott Harper

A New 5-Star #BookReview!


Hidden Tribe” has been given a great new 5-star review on Amazon. Check it out!

Awesome read! I am already reading it a second time! First book I have read from the perspective of Sasquatch!

Grab your copy of “Hidden Tribe” – if you haven’t done so already – here, now!

Scott Harper

5-Star Review for “Quagmire Fen”


“Quagmire Fen” is my most recent release. It’s my ninth book, but my first novella. It has also just picked up another 5-star review:

“What a wonderful, delightful, magical, tale! We have here a sort of bayou- backwoods-rural fantasy, with multiverses, magical beings, and alternate dimensions! The villainous characters (Otis and Randal) qualify as some of the nastiest, meanest, wastes-of-lives I’ve read; but the Good characters are precious, and heartwarming. There is hope in the swamp (and even in the city!)

If you like your paranormal with a flair of sci fi, and your romance with a flavor of paranormal–well, come right over here; have I got the tale for you!

A kind gift of the author provided me with a copy in return for my fair-and unpaid-review.”

That review can be found on Amazon, Goodreads, and other places.

Grab your copy of “Quagmire Fen” here—

Scott Harper

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