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I’m trying something new – creating NFTs on the NFT creation/sales site Mintable. Thus far, I’ve created NFTs of all of my currently available book covers, as well as the covers for the 12 existing issues of the webcomic “MoonWraith“. I plan to create other artwork for more NFTs as well. Please head over to my Mintable profile, and check them out!

Scott Harper

Great News!

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve had any progress to report; things had pretty much stalled. Now, though, edits are underway for “Mojito Cove” – and so is the cover art! Hopefully I’ll be able to announce a release date for “Mojito Cove” in the near future.

I want to thank you all for joining me on this journey that is my writing career. I appreciate you all!



For the hit webcomic “MoonWraith“, Desirée Lee and I use several software programs to turn out complete artwork/pages. The first of those in the process is DAZ 3D. However, recently, DAZ 3D upgraded to a new version. I’m having problems rendering artwork. Art for Page #1 rendered fine. But, every single time I try rendering art for Page #2, the software freaks out, and crashes.

Is anyone reading this post familiar enough with DAZ 3D to offer some advice? Thus far their tech support hasn’t proved helpful on this issue.

Issue #8 is running on the website right now. Our script for Issue #9 is in place. I’m trying to get artwork for it done now, before going back to work on “Warder: Changing Guard”.

By the way, anyone wanting to really help us out on “MoonWraith” can support the project over on the project’s Patreon page.

Thank you all in advance!

Scott Harper

3D Prints?

As you all know, Desirée Lee and I write, draw, and in all other ways produce, the hit webcomic “MoonWraith“. For those of you who aren’t familiar with “MoonWraith”, please check it out. The original concept for “MoonWraith” was as a TV series. After four agents sat on it, and did nothing with it, we adapted it as a webcomic. Currently, a producer is looking over material for “MoonWraith” as a TV series. Wish us luck on that front, please!

DeviantArt is getting into the 3D printing business. How many of you would be interested in possibly buying 3D prints of various characters from “MoonWraith”? Please let me know. When you respond, please let me also know which character(s) you’d be interested in obtaining. This way we’ll know which one(s) to concentrate on if we explore this route. Please reply via the “Contact” form on my website. We look forward to your input!

Scott Harper

Many Thanks!


You all know about “MoonWraith” by now, I’m sure. If not, it’s the hit webcomic created, written, and in all other ways produced by Desirée Lee, and myself. Over the past week, the “MoonWraith” Facebook fanpage has picked up 30 new likes. The webcomic itself now boasts over 91,000 hits. We want to say thank you to everyone for the support of this project. It’s a huge part of why “MoonWraith” is sitting on the desk of an Executive Producer, and under serious consideration as development for a film, or TV series, right now.

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, and aren’t familiar with the phenomenon that is “MoonWraith”, here’s what it’s all about:

“MoonWraith” is a mature-readers horror/action/adventure web-comic set in medieval Europe.

Werewolves, descendents of an original pack created centuries ago by a corrupt sorcerer, have overrun the land. The king ordered the construction of a fortress above an ancient silver mine where scholars and historians believe the talisman used by the sorcerer to create the werewolves is hidden away. This talisman is the MoonWraith.

The king’s men strive to find the MoonWraith in the hopes of using the very thing that created the werewolves to destroy them. The werewolves struggle to keep the MoonWraith from being found, suspecting that it is capable of eradicating their species in one fell swoop.

Kizzy Faw is a Seer, sent by the king to help locate the MoonWraith. However, on her way to the fortress, she and the men escorting her were attacked. Kizzy suffered a head injury, which has robbed her, at least for the time being, of her Sight. She is now trapped in the middle of the war, bereft of the one reason she had for being there in the first place.

“MoonWraith” posts at a rate of one page per week; a new page goes live each Monday – “MoonWraith” Monday. Presently, we’re halfway through Issue #6. This issue wraps up our first story arc. Issue #7 is very nearly ready to go.

Scott Harper

“Ravenesque”—Artist Needed


Desirée Lee and I are both bestselling, award-winning writers. Between the two of us, we have authored nearly twenty books, over thirty short stories, and a number of non-fiction articles. I’m actually a contributing writer for the paranormal news website All About Occult. Desirée and I have also branched out into writing screenplays, and comic book projects. A few years ago I was hired to write a 3-issue-long miniseries called “Ultimate Boy” by the project creator. Far as I know, he’s never published the project, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was hired, and paid, to script all three issues.

More recently, Desirée and I launched “MoonWraith” as a webcomic. It’s a hit, with over 83,000 hits thus far. “MoonWraith” was originally intended as a television series. It has been Optioned as a film, but that ultimately fell through. Currently, we have another potential Executive Producer looking at “MoonWraith” as a film, a film series, or a TV series. We also have a list of people interested in being cast or crew on such a project. A couple of those people are names we’re sure you’ll all recognize if you heard them! Hopefully there’ll be more to report on that front in the near future!

Even more recently, Desirée and I started up an ongoing, bi-monthly science fiction comic book series called “Confluence“. Issue #1 is out. Issue #2 will be for sale as soon as it’s finished going through IndyPlanet’s listing procedures.

Now, Desirée and I are looking for an artist, or an art team, for an urban fantasy comic book called “Ravenesque”. Please see the above graphic for information on that project. “MoonWraith” and “Confluence” are done solely by Desirée and myself using CG artwork. However, we simply don’t have the time to produce CG artwork for another series. Though she and I will still be writing and lettering “Ravenesque”. And the series will be published by Umbral Press, as is “Confluence”.

We’re looking forward to hearing from interested artists or art teams regarding this project!

Scott Harper


Mature Audiences Only—”MoonWraith”


Sorry to jump back to another “MoonWraith” post after doing so many of them recently. I feel that this one is needed, though. Desirée Lee and I have no wish to offend anyone with our work. It happens with all writers, but it isn’t intentional—we want people to enjoy our work, not be bothered by it. Still, “MoonWraith”, the hit webcomic that we write, and in all other ways produce, has that affect on some people.

“MoonWraith” is, as we have said repeatedly in the past, for mature audiences only. “MoonWraith” deals with werewolves. As a result, the webcomic is often violent. And there is sometimes nudity in it, as well. There’s actually a prolonged nude scene playing out in the webcomic right now. As most times only one page of the comic per week is posted, on Mondays, to be exact, it can take a while to get through a single scene sometimes. Because of this, what might only be two or three pages at a time involving nudity can last for two or three weeks. So, it can sometimes seem that “MoonWraith” is full of nudity, when it’s really only a scene here and there. Same goes for the violence. “MoonWraith” is character-driven. But, given the situations Kizzy Faw is dealing with in the story, realistically, there is violence and nudity. Given time, as the plot develops more, expect there to also be some sexual situations playing out in the webcomic.

We’ve said it before, but should reiterate it—”MoonWraith” is a mature-audiences webcomic. It contains violence and nudity. The comic probably isn’t safe for work. It certainly isn’t meant for children. Adults only, please, and enjoy at!

Scott Harper

Comic Book Ad Space

Pred & Prey FINAL COVER 2482 pixls

Get in on the ground floor—advertise in the new comic book series “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum”!

“Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum” is written, and lettered by award-winning, bestselling, critically-acclaimed author Scott Harper. Pencils, inks, and colors are by artist James Smith. Additional graphics are by bestselling author Desirée Lee. Issue #1 is ready to go to print! “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum” is based on Scott Harper’s Wendy Markland novels.

We’re looking to fill eight ad pages in the first issue of “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum”, bringing the page count up to the standard 32-pages, and off-set the printing costs. This project is being published by a new comic book publisher called Timeless Comics. The book will be launched locally, and grow from there. Because of the limited—for now—release, the rates for these ads are much, much lower than is typical for comic book ads. But advertisers still get the full impact of the name recognition of the team who put this book together!

Full-page ad—$50
2-page splash ad—$80

Any businesses in northern California or southern Oregon who would like to take advantage of this rare offer by securing ad space in the first issue of “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum”, please contact project creator Scott Harper at

Scott Harper

Calling All Comic Book Stores!


Desirée Lee and I have just launched our new comic book series, “Confluence”. Scripts, artwork, and lettering is by us. The series will be published bimonthly by Umbral Press. We are look for indie-friendly comic book shops to stock “Confluence”. Discounts are available for order of 5+ copies.

“Confluence” is a science fiction/fantasy mash-up. It focuses on Rue Preston, her best friend Nadine Larson, and the “town pest” Marvin Chambers after the trio is pulled through a dimensional rift to another world. The place where they find themselves is a nexus point where an unknown number of realities join. As such, the world where they have found themselves is a place where anything can potentially happen.

Scott Harper

“Confluence” Launched!


Great news! “Confluence” Issue #1 is available! Grab your copy here, now:

Orders of 5+ copies will receive a 25% discount. That makes it easier for those of you who own/run comic book stores to stock “Confluence”. Hint, hint!

“Confluence” is a science fiction/fantasy mash-up. It focuses on Rue Preston, her best friend Nadine Larson, and the “town pest” Marvin Chambers after the trio is pulled through a dimensional rift to another world. The place where they find themselves is a nexus point where an unknown number of realities join. As such, the world where they have found themselves is a place where anything can potentially happen.

Scripts, artwork, and lettering are by bestselling paranormal authors Scott Harper and Desirée Lee. The series will be published bimonthly by Umbral Press.

Scott Harper

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