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It’s Desirée Lee’s Birthday!


Today is my wonderful wife Desirée Lee’s birthday! Please visit her on-line, and wish her a very happy one. She can be found at her website, on Facebook, and Twitter.

Scott Harper


Desirée Lee and I were very happy to be able to attend the festivities at the Butte Valley Library‘s 100th birthday celebration this past Saturday. Given the scheduling, and everything else we have going on, we don’t make it in to the library nearly often enough. We hope to be able to change that. We had a great time. We look forward to our next visit. And here’s to the next 100 years!

Scott Harper

Happy Birthday, Desirée Lee!

Today is my wonderful wife’s birthday! Please take a moment to wish Desirée Lee a very happy one. You can find her via her website, and on Facebook, and on Twitter. Please use whichever method you prefer. But I know she’d fully enjoy finding a lot of well wishes, and happy birthday messages in her inbox, or message feed, via any of those.

Desirée is a terrific person, and a spectacular woman. She’s warm, loving, caring, gentle. She’s highly intelligent. She’s a fantastic cook. She’s an incredibly talented author. Our toddler daughter couldn’t ask for a better mother, and she knows it, too. Desirée is my life. Words cannot express how much I love her. Without her, I’d be lost.

So, again, please take a moment or two to visit one of the sites listed above. Let Desirée know that she’s a truly special person, and wish her a very, very happy birthday.

Thank you.

Scott Harper

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