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“Bogeyman Blues”

Some of the old short stories that I’ve had published in the past are on-line again. Here’s one of my very early works called “Bogeyman Blues” for you to relive and enjoy. “Bogeyman Blues” was originally written as part of the children’s literature course that I took years ago.  It’s a simple story. given the age-rage this piece was intended for. But it was still fun to write. And, despite the fact that I didn’t personally find it frightening, my instructor for that children’s literature course actually did voice concerned that, just maybe, this was too tense and frightening for small children. I’ve never had readers to complain about that, though. So, enjoy “Bogeyman Blues”. If you have children, read it to them, too. Having a child of my own now gives whole new meaning to the importance of reading to children!

Here’s “Bogeyman Blues”: www.authspot/short-stories/bogeyman-blues

Enjoy the story!

Scott Harper

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