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“Predators or Prey?” Amazon Kindle URLs Worldwide

The following is a list of Amazon URLs from around the world where “Predators or Prey?” can now be found on Kindle. Enjoy!

Amazon (USA):

Amazon (Austria):

Amazon (Canada):

Amazon (France):

Amazon (Germany):

Amazon (Italy):

Amazon (Japan):

Amazon (Spain):

Amazon (UK):

Predators or Prey DCL

Scott Harper

Filming Permits

For those of you keeping up with news on the film project, there isn’t much new to report. We’re still waiting replies from the film commission offices of both California and Oregon. Please keep checking back; hopefully there’ll be more to report very soon on this front.


Scott Harper

Novella Update

Yesterday evening, the most recent round of edits for my first novella, which will be my ninth book, “Quagmire Fen”, was sent to Umbral Press. Umbral Press published “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” and will likewise be publishing “Quagmire Fen”. Expect “Quagmire Fen” to be released in the near future. Please keep watching for updates.


Scott Harper

A Question For You

Recently, several book/author spotlights have been posted for me on other authors’ blogs and websites for my newest book, “Quintana Roo, Yucatan”. This has made me think of setting up a page on this blog to do the same for other authors. This would help them to promote their work. What do all of you think of that idea? Is it something you’d like to see me do?


Scott Harper

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