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Film Festival

Yesterday evening Desiree and I were able to attend the Second Annual Klamath Independent Film Festival, in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The film fest consisted of eight short films, the longest of which was 17:45. Each offering was excellent, and a pleasure to watch. We had a great time yesterday evening, and eagerly await next year’s film festival. Last year, we missed the First Annual Klamath Independent Film Festival due to being away on our honeymoon.

For those of you wondering about the winners of last night’s event:

3rd runner up: “Glengarry Glen Styx”

2nd runner up: “Bare the Sun”

Grand prize winner: “Liberation”

At least some of the short films shown last night are available on-line. Searching for them should turn them up for you if you’re interested. Please see the scans of the event flier below for a full listing of the names of the films, their creators, and the home city of each filmmaker.

Film_Fest_Page_01 Film_Fest_Page_02 (1)

Scott Harper

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