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For the hit webcomic “MoonWraith“, Desirée Lee and I use several software programs to turn out complete artwork/pages. The first of those in the process is DAZ 3D. However, recently, DAZ 3D upgraded to a new version. I’m having problems rendering artwork. Art for Page #1 rendered fine. But, every single time I try rendering art for Page #2, the software freaks out, and crashes.

Is anyone reading this post familiar enough with DAZ 3D to offer some advice? Thus far their tech support hasn’t proved helpful on this issue.

Issue #8 is running on the website right now. Our script for Issue #9 is in place. I’m trying to get artwork for it done now, before going back to work on “Warder: Changing Guard”.

By the way, anyone wanting to really help us out on “MoonWraith” can support the project over on the project’s Patreon page.

Thank you all in advance!

Scott Harper


Confluence“, the science fiction comic book by myself and Desirée Lee, is going on hiatus. We do plan to pick up with it again, but honestly don’t know when. As you all know, we’re currently hard at work on the new novel. This is the sasquatch book project that still doesn’t have a title. After that, if things go right, we’ll be embarking on the screenplay that I’ve mentioned here before. That’s the one we’ll be working with the very talented musician Mr. Tom Smith on. In the middle of all of this, we’re still trying to work on the RPG book. And a book for authors. And keep up with “MoonWraith“. Plus we’re parents of a healthy, active, 20-month-old daughter.

In short, we’re busy. Something has to give.

Sadly, the response to “Confluence” hasn’t been what we hoped. As such, neither have sales. So, we’re setting this project aside for the time being. Again, we plan to come back to it when times allows. There’s just no time right now to devote ourselves to a project and schedule that isn’t giving us the needed return. Want us to get back to “Confluence” more quickly? Support the project by picking up your copies at the URL given at the start of this post.

Scott Harper

Howl Out Cast – Update


Not too long ago I posted about a werewolf-themed podcast that was to do a bit regarding the hit webcomic “MoonWraith“, by Desirée Lee and myself. Due to circumstances beyond our control, that hasn’t happened yet. But it’s supposed to. Soon, too. And things will be better than the host simply telling listeners a bit about the webcomic. How much better? Desirée and I should be on the air with the host in a podcast soon to talk about “MoonWraith”. Cool, huh? Keep watching for updates!

Scott Harper

Howl Out Cast


Howl Out Cast is a werewolf-themed podcast from New York City. Find their website here. Listen to their next show for mention of the hit webcomic by myself, and Desirée Lee, “MoonWraith“.

“MoonWraith” currently has over 92,000 hits. The webcomic’s Facebook fan page has picked up over 40 new Likes in the past week. The pilot script for the “MoonWraith” television series – what “MoonWraith” was originally intended to be – is currently in the hands of a potential Executive Producer, and a potential director. Desirée and I also have a werewolf fan convention interested in us appearing in 2016 because of “MoonWraith”. Keep watching for more updates on these fronts.

In the meantime, we want to thank all of you for the continued support of “MoonWraith”. We’re just over halfway through Issue #6 on the site. Issue #7 is very nearly ready to go. And check out Howl Out Cast’s next show to hear more about “MoonWraith”!

Scott Harper

Many Thanks!


You all know about “MoonWraith” by now, I’m sure. If not, it’s the hit webcomic created, written, and in all other ways produced by Desirée Lee, and myself. Over the past week, the “MoonWraith” Facebook fanpage has picked up 30 new likes. The webcomic itself now boasts over 91,000 hits. We want to say thank you to everyone for the support of this project. It’s a huge part of why “MoonWraith” is sitting on the desk of an Executive Producer, and under serious consideration as development for a film, or TV series, right now.

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, and aren’t familiar with the phenomenon that is “MoonWraith”, here’s what it’s all about:

“MoonWraith” is a mature-readers horror/action/adventure web-comic set in medieval Europe.

Werewolves, descendents of an original pack created centuries ago by a corrupt sorcerer, have overrun the land. The king ordered the construction of a fortress above an ancient silver mine where scholars and historians believe the talisman used by the sorcerer to create the werewolves is hidden away. This talisman is the MoonWraith.

The king’s men strive to find the MoonWraith in the hopes of using the very thing that created the werewolves to destroy them. The werewolves struggle to keep the MoonWraith from being found, suspecting that it is capable of eradicating their species in one fell swoop.

Kizzy Faw is a Seer, sent by the king to help locate the MoonWraith. However, on her way to the fortress, she and the men escorting her were attacked. Kizzy suffered a head injury, which has robbed her, at least for the time being, of her Sight. She is now trapped in the middle of the war, bereft of the one reason she had for being there in the first place.

“MoonWraith” posts at a rate of one page per week; a new page goes live each Monday – “MoonWraith” Monday. Presently, we’re halfway through Issue #6. This issue wraps up our first story arc. Issue #7 is very nearly ready to go.

Scott Harper

Back To A Book


The proof for Issue #4 of “Confluence” arrived in yesterday’s mail. It looks good. Issue #4 will be next month’s issue – February 2015.

Desirée Lee and I are back to work on the sasquatch novel we’re co-writing. As I’ve said here before, if this book has been published by this summer, we have two good promo venues for it. So, for now, that novel has to be our main focus. The clock is ticking. It’s already late January. Writing a book is more time consuming than most non-authors tend to think. We have a huge amount of work to do on this project still, and not a whole lot of time in which to do it. We don’t want to rush, and put out something substandard, either. We have too much respect for our fans to do something like that.

Also, this new book is actually only part of something even larger that we have planned. However, much as I want to spill the proverbial beans about our larger plan here, I won’t. Yet. Please keep checking back for updates!

Scott Harper

Issue #3—”Confluence”


“Confluence” is a new ongoing, bimonthly science fiction comic book series. My wife, whom you all know as the extraordinarily talented, award-winning, bestselling paranormal author Desirée Lee, and myself are behind the project. We created it. We write it. We use three separate graphics software programs to create the artwork. We letter the issues. It’s a lot of work. That’s one reason “Confluence” is only being released on a bimonthly basis.

“Confluence” as a series:

“Confluence” is a science fiction/fantasy mash-up. It focuses on Rue Preston, her best friend Nadine Larson, and the “town pest” Marvin Chambers after the trio is pulled through a dimensional rift to another world. The place where they find themselves is a nexus point where an unknown number of realities join. As such, the world where they have found themselves is a place where anything can potentially happen.

Issue #3

New friends are made, a whole new chain of events are set into motion as a result of the Maw attacks in the previous issue.

Scott Harper

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