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All About Occult

Recently, I applied for a spot as a contributing writer for the paranormal website All About Occult. The following morning, in my e-mail, I found their reply. I’m in!

As part of the application process they requested a sample article on a paranormal topic. I sent them a copy of the article I wrote somewhere between two and three years ago on the Beast of Bray Road for the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency website. The people from All About Occult loved it.

So, now I’m an award-winning, critically-acclaimed, bestselling paranormal author who will be contributing articles to a paranormal news website. While it isn’t a paid position, unfortunately, I expect that the promotion opportunities stemming from this will make it well worth my time.

Now I find myself in need of a steady stream of paranormal topics about which to write. If you have a topic that you’d like for me to cover, please contact me with the suggestion via the “Contact” page of my website. I’ll give consideration to any suggestions. It may be that I already have something already in mind along the lines of a given suggestion. Or it may be that a given suggestion hadn’t even occurred to me as a topic yet.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Scott Harper

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