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A recent debate and lawsuit going on between two New York Time’s bestselling authors has a lot of writers keeping the issue of plagiarism in mind right now. The aforementioned issue is between Sherrilyn Keyon and Cassandra Clare over Clare’s “Mortal Instruments” series of book, for those who haven’t heard that news yet. If you haven’t, read about it here. I truly hope that Clare isn’t guilty of this; I’m quite enjoying “Shadowhunters” as a television series. Alas, I’ve not had the pleasure of reading the books as yet, though I look forward to doing so.


As an author, plagiarism is always a threat. It’s something that we’ve probably all encountered, or at least suspected. Years ago I made the mistake of talking openly about some major plot points in a book I was working on, doing so in an open, on-line forum. Very stupid move on my part, I know. Not long after, those same plot points ran in a then-in-production major television series. It’s hard to find a writer these days who has made any sort of a name for themselves who hasn’t had to deal with plagiarism, or at least had cause to strongly suspect it.

So, a question to other writers – how do you protect yourself from plagiarism; what’s your best/favorite method?

Scott Harper

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