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Fan Fiction?

A while back, when Amazon started up Kindle Worlds, I was thrilled. There are a couple of comic book properties I’ve been watching Kindle Worlds for, hoping to see them there. For those who have been following my career over the long-term, you probably know just which ones I’m talking about, and why. For those of you who don’t…

Several years ago, I was in talks with Mirage Studios – back before Peter Laird sold off the franchise – about doing some writing for the main “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” comic book. I had four single-issue story ideas that Mirage was considering. I was also in touch with them about a full-length novel I wanted to write, that would take the TMNT back to their darker, grittier roots – the way I prefer them to be. I actually ended up being put in touch with Mirage Studios’s agent regarding that project. All of those fell through when the franchise sold, and Mirage Studios shut down.

Also, I am a huge Batman fan. I have several Batman stories that I would love to write. Someone associated with DC Comics reviewed them several years ago. I was basically told “Not at this time”, and that was that.

Since Amazon launched Kindle Worlds, I’ve been hoping for the TMNT and Batman to become part of that. If that were to happen, I might finally be able to write these stories, do so legitimately, rather than them being unlicensed fan fiction, and get paid for my time, efforts, and talent, too. Much as I love writing, it’s what I do. I need to be paid. I can’t just write these stories because I want to, and not see a return on them.

Now, I’m reading articles on-line talking about how Kindle Worlds isn’t performing to expectations. I haven’t yet heard anything about Amazon shutting down Kindle Worlds, luckily, so there’s still hope. But, I’ve been wondering if there are other licensed fan fiction sites out there that are paying markets. Are there? I’ve yet to find any. If you know of one – or more! – please let me know via the “Contact” form on my website.

Scott Harper


Early this morning I dreamed that I had been hired to write a novel that would be a combination Batman story, and a Ghostbusters story. As Desirée said when I told her, that would be a dream job for me. “Ghostbusters” is my all-time favorite film, and I’m also a huge Batman fan. Since waking up from that dream, my mind keeps wandering back to that concept, toying with plot ideas. Too bad I’ll probably never get the chance to actually write such a book!

Scott Harper



The DC Comics character Arthur Curry—a.k.a Aquaman—has, over the past couple of years, turned into one of my favorite fictional people. Before DC launched into the New 52, I had never really followed Aquaman. I had seen him cameo in other comics I read, but had never read his book. I keep mentally kicking myself for that, wishing I had picked up “Aquaman” a long, long time ago. Granted, I don’t know what the stories were like before the extremely talented Mr. Geoff Johns began writing “Aquaman”. But I love his work on the book, and am sorry to see him leaving that title.

Anyone who knows me—even a little—knows of my fandom (all right; near obsession is closer to the mark) for Batman. I first began reading the Batman family of titles back in the early 1990s, coming to them only a month or two after the “Knightfall” trilogy in which Bane was introduced. Before then, I had been a reader of Marvel titles, but came to my senses and hopped over to the DCU. I instantly discovered that I vastly prefer the DCU, and have never looked back.

Anyway, since the early 1990s, I have been a die-hard DC fan. Especially of Batman. Yet, as said above, I had never really gotten to know Aquaman. For some reason that I still don’t understand, I had a very, very strong urge to read “Aquaman” when the New 52 launched. I picked up the first issue, loved it, and am now almost as big of a fan of Aquaman as I am of Batman.

Regularly, things show up on-line regarding Aquaman. Most of these things take the slant toward bashing the character. I’ve come to the conclusion that these people either don’t know the character at all, or, at the very least, haven’t given the current title a try. Aquaman, as written by Geoff Johns, is a solid character. Being half-Atlantean, Arthur Curry is only half-human. Yet, he had more humanity in him than most fully-human comic book characters.

His non-human lineage has blessed him with an array of powers—an entire physiology evolved to withstand the crushing, cold depths of a deep ocean environment. This allows for super strength, the ability to breathe underwater, being able to swim faster than any human could even begin to move in the water, and skin toughened nearly to the point of being bullet-proof. On top of that, he is able to telepathically communicate with sea life. Contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t control them, however. He can simply communicate with ocean life, calling upon them for help.

Yet, Aquaman is a thinking, feeling being. He has a wife—a mermaid named Mera—and is deeply in love with her. Never knowing his mother, and the loss of his father, affect Arthur in a very fundamental way. He’s been hurt time after time by betrayals by those he thought were close friends and allies. These things make Aquaman someone any reader can identify with.

Keeping these things in mind, I truly think that an “Aquaman” movie could be a spectacular thing. Recently, I read something about this on-line. Apparently, Warner Bros.—who owns DC Comics—has estimated that an “Aquaman” movie would take around $200 million to make. This is due to all of the CGI and underwater photography that would be needed.  According to what I read, Warner Bros. is also of the mindset that Aquaman is a “third-tier character”, and that they wouldn’t recoup the cost of making the project.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

Aquaman is a fantastic character. He’s strong physically, yes, but also strong morally. Yet, as said before, he’s more human than most other fully-human comic book characters. He struggles emotionally at times. His dual heritage means that Arthur Curry is not fully at home—or welcome—on land, or in the ocean. Each side finds him suspicious because of his bloodline from the other. He’s an outcast wherever he goes. And, despite his moral strength, Aquaman has killed. He accidently murdered the father of a man named David (last name still unknown) in a rage-filled attempt to avenge the death of his own father at David’s hands. David, in a on-going attempt to avenge his own father, became Black Manta—one of Aquaman’s greatest foes. To this day Aquaman deeply regrets his actions that day; that never stops eating at him.

Aquaman’s personality, social status as sometimes King of Atlantis, yet mistrusted by people both in Atlantis and on land, combined with his physical attributes, would allow for a deeply-compelling, layered film. A movie focusing on the character could incorporate so many things. We could see an emotionally-vulnerable, yet morally strong superhero on screen. Aquaman could well be a role model for everyone if people would simply show this character the support and respect he deserves.

On top of that, for those who are drawn in and captivated simply by eye-candy CGI, an Aquaman movie would provide lots of that, too. I keep imagining what Atlantis and the underway seascapes would look like in such a movie. They would be truly incredible.

People who simply want lots of action in a film could also be satisfied by an Aquaman movie. Even when not working as part of the Justice League team, Arthur Curry is a man of action. He has a rogue’s gallery as impressive as Batman’s in length, on top of the companies he takes on who are harming the ocean environments of the Earth.

The possibilities for a film focusing on Arthur Curry are endless. I very much hope that the upper echelon bozos at Warner Bros. pull their collective heads of the sand and realize that very quickly. From what I keep reading on-line, they do plan to give us an Aquaman-centric film at some point. But they keep pushing that back, further and further. It seems they want to release the Batman/Superman film, which is currently in development, and then release “Wonder Woman”, “The Flash”, “Green Lantern 2”, and “Justice League” before working on “Aquaman”. There other in-development films based on DC comics characters, too, that will probably see release before “Aquaman”. And, I fear that Warner Bros. will simply slap something together, half-heartedly, in the expectation than an Aquaman film will fail, thus sabotaging the project, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t want that to happen. I want them to release a solid, well-thought out “Aquaman” movie. I want them to promote and market the film properly. Such a project could prove to the world that Aquaman is an excellent, solid character who is to be admired and respected.

As a writer, and a fan of Aquaman, I would relish the chance to work on an Aquaman project—be it a novel (where the lion’s share of my experience lies), comic book project, TV series (live action, or animated), or a film (again, live action, or animated). Warner Bros.? DC Comics? Are you listening to me? Here’s an experienced writer who wants a chance to help prove to the world that Aquaman could be a gold mine for you. Where do I sign up?

Scott Harper

“Arrow” Season 2

Sadly, “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” is gone. We had a few articles written that weren’t posted on the site before it’s shutdown. I want to post them here, so at least the time put into them isn’t wasted. The following piece, for Season 2 of the TV series “Arrow” was originally submitted to “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” before Season 2 began. Now, the first two episodes of Season 2 have aired.

“Arrow” is the hit, award-winning CW network show based on the comic book character Green Arrow—whose civilian identity is Oliver Queen—published by DC Comics. With Season 2 about to launch, a lot of rumors are flying around.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is a spoiled, egotistical, billionaire playboy who never seemed to care much about anything other than himself. However, five years stranded on an island, struggling for survival after a shipwreck, changed him. Upon his return to civilization, Oliver chose to apply the skills acquired on the island—especially archery—by doling out vigilante justice in his home city. He now patrols the streets in a costume reminiscent of Robin Hood, armed with honed fighting skills, a bow and a variety of types of arrows. Unlike most costumed heroes, he has no qualms about killing if he feels such a measure is warranted by a given situation.

Though “Arrow” features the main character of Oliver Queen, and is set in Starling City, several of the characters introduced in Season 1 were from the Batman family of comics—Huntress, Firefly, and Deadshot come instantly to mind. Rumors are flying around that this trend will continue in Season 2. Ra’s al Ghul is said to be turning up. As the fifth slated episode of the new season is titled “League of Assassins”, it’s a good bet we’ll be seeing the Demon’s Head in that offering—if not before. A number of sources are arguing over the appearance of Nightwing—Richard Grayson, the first Robin—in the new season. They seem pretty torn over that one. Don’t be surprised if the character turns up in Season 2, but don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t. Apparently, the Batman/Superman movie currently in pre-production is having an impact on that decision. Expect Deadshot back this year, too. Also expected this season are appearances from the characters Bronze Tiger, and Brother Blood.

Seen thus far in every episode of “Arrow” is Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy). Rumor has it that we’ll be seeing her transformation to her superhero identity of Black Canary in Season 2. Expect, too, more progress of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) to his alter ego of Red Arrow.

Another progression, hinted at in the official trailer for the new season, looks to be the introduction of the name “Green Arrow” into the show. Thus far, the media in Starling City have been referring to Oliver Queen’s costumed persona as the “Hood”. In the trailer, Oliver states that he doesn’t want to be known by that name. When asked what he wants to be called, Oliver gives a meaningful look to an arrow he is holding at that moment—a green arrow.

Season 2 of “Arrow” is expected to be even bigger, too, with the introduction of the Flash into the series. It seems that the Scarlet Speedster will be introduced at some point in this season of “Arrow”, and then spun off into his own show. “The Flash” will also air on the CW network, and is speculated to serve as a tie-in/launch pad for the theatrical “Flash” movie in the works. This has given rise to a large amount of conjecture as to what the future holds for the DC Cinematic Universe. If the TV shows and movies are taking place simultaneously, and in the same “universe”, with the TV actors also playing the big-screen versions of their characters, we’ll be a couple of large steps closer to the planned “Justice League” film.

Very recently, word was released of another live-action DC Comics-based TV series with the name “Gotham”. It is reported to begin airing on Fox during the 2014-2015 season. The show will focus on a younger James Gordon, as a detective, before his promotion to police commissioner. Gordon will be dealing with “the villains that made Gotham famous” in a “pre-Batman era”. As “Gotham” will air on a network separate from “Arrow” and “The Flash”, it’s not known whether or not it will intersect with those series. Or just how much, if any, impact “Gotham” will have on the DC Cinematic Universe.

All in all, this year looks to be huge for “Arrow”. Much as I enjoyed Season 1, I expect to like Season 2 even better. Season 2 kicks off on October 9, 2013 with “City of Heroes”.

Scott Harper


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