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“Injustice: Gods Among Us”—”Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

This week’s “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” article from Desirée and myself is now on-line:

Scott Harper

“Man of Steel” Review—”Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

The day before the public release of “Man of Steel”, the latest Superman movie, Desirée and I were to attend an advance release screening for the film. Our review is now on-line as part of our writings for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”. It can be found at

Scott Harper

“Nuclear Winter Entertainment” “Aquaman” Article

Here’s the first “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” article by Desirée Lee, and myself: Our topic for this one is the current “Aquaman” comic book series published by DC Comics.

Though I’ve been a DC fan for many years, Batman is my major character. I’d only met Arthur Curry—a.k.a. Aquaman—via “Justice League” and small cameos in other books. When the current series started up, I felt drawn to read it. And now Aquaman has firmly become a favorite character for me. This series, and character, are fantastic. Please check out the “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” article to see what Desirée and I have to say about it.

Scott Harper

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