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“Ectoplasm and Orbs” by Eldritch Thorn


Eldritch Thorn is a good friend whom I had the pleasure of meeting during the 14 years I lived in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Like me, he is an award-winning, bestselling author. He works in hardcore erotica, and pagan subjects. Check out his critically acclaimed horror/erotica novella “Ectoplasm and Orbs” here. It’s $2.99 for Kindle!

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Vampire Graves?

I found this article a couple of days ago, and found it very interesting. As things of this nature that I’ve shared here in the past garner a lot of traffic still, it’s obvious that a lot of you – my fans – are as interested in such things as I am.

What do you all think of this article?

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“Paranormal Witness”


I didn’t start watching the hit SyFy program “Paranormal Witness” until just before its fourth season began to air. I set the DVD to record all episodes of it so I could catch up on what I’ve missed over the prior three seasons. Most episodes that I’ve seen deal with hauntings/ghosts. But not all. I’ve also seen an episode devoted to a very famous UFO sighting/abduction case. And, part of an episode that I watched yesterday was devoted to something of great interest to me – a werewolf case.

Growing up, werewolves terrified me. I could cope easily with anything else – ghosts, vampires, demons, zombies (which I’ve never been much of a fan of) genetic mutants, etc. But werewolves would give me horrible nightmares. Now, I work with my wife on the hit werewolf webcomic “MoonWraith“, and have written some werewolf literature, too. At some point over the years I’ve gone from being horrified of lycanthropy to being fascinated by it.

The “Paranormal Witness” episode in question was Season 2 Episode 10. The first half of it was titled “The Cabin”. It happened in London, Ohio in 1981, or 1982. I grew up in Marysville, Ohio, which is only about half an hour’s drive from London, Ohio. When the events covered in that episode of “Paranormal Witness” took place, I’d have been 6 or 7-years-old. I was never aware of this case until watching that episode of “Paranormal Witness” yesterday. Had I know about those goings-on as a child, I might still be in therapy, given my extreme werewolf phobia while growing up!

Now, as a 40-year-old adult, I find the case of great interest – both on a personal level, and a professional one as a bestselling, award-winning author of horror, and the paranormal. I don’t want to give spoilers of the episode here, and take anything away from “Paranormal Witness”. So I’ll only say here that the case involved a young family, who lived in a fairly secluded place, surrounded by woods, being stalked for months by what may well have been a werewolf. What the husband and his friend were shown at the close of the case gave me serious chills!

Given my interest in topics such as this, I want to, once again, extend an invitation to anyone reading this to contact me with any such sightings/encounters of your own. It needn’t necessarily be a werewolf sighting, either. I’m interested in all areas of the paranormal, and cryptozoology. Please get in touch via the “Contact” page on my website.

Scott Harper

4th Article


My newest article for the paranormal news website All About Occult is now on-line. You can find that article here. This piece focuses on demons, and how not all of them are seemingly deserving of the bad reputation they have. Enjoy!

As always, to continue writing new articles for All About Occult, I need ideas for topics. I have topics for my next piece, and the one after that. After that? I have no idea what I’ll be writing about at this point in time. So, if anyone has a paranormal topic you would like to see me cover in an All About Occult article, please let me know. If it’s a topic that has not been covered on the site, I can do it. If it’s a new angle, or even just new information regarding something that has already been covered for the site, then it’s still fair game. Please contact me via my website with suggestions.

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“Protect Yourself” By Eldritch Thorn

Eldritch Thorn is a fellow Umbral Press author and friend. He was the first person that Desiree and I extended an invitation to publish when we launched Umbral Press. “Protect Yourself” was written and released by Eldritch Thorn before Umbral Press opened its doors. Even had the book been ready after Umbral Press opened, it isn’t something we’d have taken on via the publishing house. “Protect Yourself” is non-fiction, and that’s something we aren’t publishing via Umbral Press. However, as Eldritch Thorn is a friend, I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about this bestselling book by him as Halloween is approaching.


You can find “Protect Yourself” here. It’s a paranormal self-help book that deals all a wide variety of supernatural threats – astral entities, vampires, dragons, werewolves, demons, zombies, ghosts, etc. There’s even an entry in the book on angels.

Eldritch Thorn is a bestselling pagan author of non-fiction, and hardcore erotica. Follow the link for “Protect Yourself”, and you can search for his bestselling erotica novel “Lovers’ Veil”, and find it on the same site. Eldritch Thorn has years of paranormal investigation experience. He knows what he’s talking about in “Protect Yourself”! Some of the things talking about in the book are from his own, personal experiences. Most of what he discusses along those lines in the book are not pleasant! It’s because of things such as those that he wrote the book.

So, if you, or someone you know, is coping with a supernatural threat of some type, grab a copy of “Protect Yourself”. It may well hold the key to solving a bad situation.

Scott Harper

“Sleepy Hollow”

This is the final, unpublished piece that Desirée and I had written for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” before that site shut down. Please keep in mind that more of the series has aired since this article was written.

Washington Irving’s classic short story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, has inspired a lot of film and television projects over the years. One of the most memorable was the 1999 theatrical film “Sleepy Hollow”, directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp, and Christina Ricci. Now, in 2013, a new television series has launched that may well be the most unusual project ever to be based on that piece of timeless literature.

“Sleepy Hollow” is a new one-hour drama airing Monday nights on the Fox network. The show was created by Phillip Iscove, Alex Kurtzman (“Cowboys & Aliens”, “Alias”, “Fringe”) Roberto Orci (“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”, “Xena: Warrior Princess”, “The Proposal”), and Len Wiseman (the “Underworld” film series). The show stars Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane, Nicole Beharie as Police Lieutenant Abbie Mills, and Orlando Jones as Police Captain Frank Irving.

In this newest incarnation of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, we learn that Ichabod Crane had been a soldier in the Revolutionary War, personally recruited by George Washington. Washington, as it turns out, had become embroiled in a secret war against supernatural forces of darkness. He tasked Crane with the chore of killing a particular enemy combatant during battle. Crane managed to remove the head of his foe with an axe, but was simultaneously struck down. Crane’s wife, Katrina, played by Katia Winter, was a witch. She stepped in, and used magick to place her husband into a form of suspended animation. Due to a mingling of their blood on the battlefield, the spell also linked Ichabod to the enemy horseman he had decapitated. This soldier cannot truly die, and we later learn he is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse—Death. The horseman’s body was encased in a metal coffin, chained, and sunk into a deep river; his head being kept separate.

Fast forward to 2013, and the spell keeping Crane in suspended animation is triggered, waking him. Due to his link with his enemy, the Headless Horseman is also revived. Crane, now a stranger in a strange land, stumbles around until he is arrested. Soon after his arrest he makes the acquaintance of Lieutenant Abbie Mills. Where as everyone else thinks Ichabod is insane due to his tales of supernatural horror, and first-hand accounts of talks with George Washington, Abbie isn’t so sure. Why? Because, as children, Abbie and her sister encountered a demon in the woods.

Events, of course, bring Abbie around to accepting that Crane is telling the truth. Abbie and he, according to Crane, are Witnesses—with a capital “W”—who must spend seven years together, combating paranormal evil in order to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Over the course of the four episodes that have aired of as this writing, the unlikely partners have been forced to deal with the Headless Horseman, an evil witch, a demonic Sandman, and search for a book of black magick capable of mass demon summoning. They work with the assistance of the ghost of Ichabod’s wife, Katrina, who was burned for witchcraft soon after casting the spell upon her husband. Katrina’s spirit visits Crane in his dreams when he is in need of her help.

Personally, I have been thoroughly enjoying this show. The acting is great, with a top-notch cast. The plotlines are intriguing. Although there are a lot of special effects in the show, the stories revolve around the characters, set against the backdrop of the struggle against supernatural evil. The effects are one facet of the show, not the reason for it. After watching the first four episodes, I’m firmly hooked, and can’t wait for more!

“Sleepy Hollow” debuted on September 16, 2013, with 10.1 million people tuning in. As a result of the terrific beginning, Fox has already announced that they plan to renew “Sleepy Hollow” for a second season. Season 1 and Season 2 of “Sleepy Hollow” will be comprised of 13 episodes each.

“Protect Yourself: A Handbook for the Recognition of the Supernatural for Defensive Purposes”—Celebrate Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner. Spend the holiday learning about ghosts, zombies, merfolk, werewolves, psychic shielding, vampires and more. Read “Protect Yourself: A Handbook for the Recognition of the Supernatural for Defensive Purposes” by my friend Eldritch Thorn:

Scott Harper

“Man of Steel” Review—”Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

The day before the public release of “Man of Steel”, the latest Superman movie, Desirée and I were to attend an advance release screening for the film. Our review is now on-line as part of our writings for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”. It can be found at

Scott Harper

Theater Etiquette

Desirée Lee and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend a pre-screening of the new Superman movie, “Man of Steel”, yesterday evening. While Desirée has been able to see several films in theaters before those movies were open to the general public, “Man of Steel” was my first time for that. While we both wanted to see the film, the real reason we were there was work. Both Desirée and myself are writers for the website “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”. We attended the advance showing of “Man of Steel” in order to have a review on the Nuclear Winter website today—the day of the film’s general release. I’ll be posting a blog announcing when the review is up. It has been written and submitted to Nuclear Winter for review. Much as I truly loved “Man of Steel”, the entire theater experience would have been so much better if the people around us would have been more courteous.

Several people whipped out cell phones around us, and started texting a few times. Older children and young teens kept getting up, walking out, and coming back in with fresh drinks and popcorn—the same few over and over and over and over and over—walking directly in front of us, blocking the screen. These same children had taken seats a few rows away from their parents, and kept getting up even more to go back and talk to them.

Another issue was with the smaller children. Yes, “Man of Steel” is a Superman film. It’s also rated PG-13, and for good reason. Read the review of the film that Desirée and I wrote for more on that. Parts of the film caused Desirée to tear up a bit. One part of the film was so intense and dramatic that I simply went into shock and cried a little. Again, the film is PG-13 for a reason! That rating means a film isn’t suitable for small children. Young children shouldn’t be in the theater for a PG-13 film. Know what happens? The same thing that happened during “Man of Steel” last night—the young children are overwhelmed by what they’re seeing on screen. They freak out. They cry. They shriek. They disturb everyone around them who is trying to enjoy the movie.

Please pay attention to theater etiquette when you go to a movie:

-Keep you cell phone OFF.

-Don’t talk.

-Be in your seat BEFORE the movie starts.

-Once the film has started, STAY IN YOUR SEAT until the film has ended if that’s at all possible.

-Don’t take children to films with ratings inappropriate to their ages.

All of these bits of etiquette were violated numerous times during “Man of Steel” last night. This is why I’m not often to be found in the theater for a film. Please use some common sense, and allow everyone else around you to enjoy the movie.

Thank you.

Scott Harper

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