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“Dungeons and Dragons”


Who else remembers the classic Saturday morning cartoon “Dungeons and Dragons” from the mid-1980s? A while back, Desirée Lee and I bought the collected series on DVD. The series only ran for 27 episodes. So, sadly, it’s not that impressive of a collection numerically-speaking. It took us a while to get through even those few episodes. We’d watch one, two, or three of them. And then not watch any for weeks, or months. A couple of evenings ago we watched the final four episodes of the series.

Watching the show now, as adults, neither of us found it as engrossing as we did as children. Still, it was fun to revisit. And having the series on DVD, we can do so again anytime we please.

Desirée has far more tabletop RPG experience than I do. I want more, though. A lot more. I thoroughly enjoy RPGs. And, watching “Dungeons and Dragons” now, from the viewpoint of a bestselling, award-winning author, and screenwriter, I can’t help but want to work on a “Dungeons and Dragons” project. It’d be a lot of fun to be able to work on a new “Dungeons and Dragons” series. Live-action would be great, but working on a “Dungeons and Dragons” animated series would be a blast, too. I’m unaware of any such project currently being put together, but still… If anyone is putting a new “Dungeons and Dragons” series together, and is looking for writers, please get in touch with me.

Scott Harper

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