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International Fans

The trend I mentioned a while back of international visitors to this website/blog is continuing. I just want to take a moment to thank all of my fans for their continued support. But this post is especially dedicated to my fans living outside the United States of America. Thank you all!

Scott Harper


Recently I put up a blog post talking about things readers can do to help their favorite authors, and support them on-line— Here’s something else to add to that list—bookmark the website for your favorite author(s). Visit them often from those bookmarks. If it’s a site you visit frequently, set that URL as your homepage.

Desirée Lee’s website is Mine is Please bookmark both. Setting one or the other as your homepage would be greatly appreciated, also.

Scott Harper

Entertainment Industry Interview Subjects Needed

Desirée Lee and I recently began writing for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”. We’re writing one article per week for the site. If you’re in the entertainment business—literature, comic books, TV, film—and would like some free exposure for your work and projects, please contact me. If I’m interested, I can make you and your work the subject of one of my “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” pieces.

Musicians and RPG gaming are also quite welcome. However, you’d do better to contact Desirée Lee. She’s far more knowledgeable about the music and gaming industries than I am. She can be contacted via her website—

Scott Harper

Bookworm Bags—Author Promotions

Desirée and I are members of an author promotion group called “Bookworm Bags”. Basically, authors on the group mail promo items to each other. That promo is put into “goodie bags” for giveaway. These bags are given out by everyone on the group. The more authors that partake in the group, the more each participating author’s promo items are handed out to potential readers.

This summer, at the workshop Desirée and I will be doing in Arizona, we plan on handing out a lot of Bookworm Bags. Any authors interested in joining the Bookworm Bags, please check out the site: There’s still time to get promo in for the batch of bags Desirée and I plan to pass out at the Arizona writing workshop this summer. Again, every author that’s part of the group hands out the promo. So, the more the merrier for the entire group!

Scott Harper

“Nuclear Winter Entertainment”—MTV’s “Teen Wolf”

The second “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” article written by Desirée Lee and myself is now on-line. This week’s topic is the MTV “Teen Wolf” television series.

Scott Harper

Review Snippets #2

I am not a lover of fantasy books but I enjoyed this one.” Review snippet: “Winter’s Rite”—

You can’t help but love this little Nix who doesn’t back down from danger when he sees someone in trouble.” Review snippet: “Well Wishes”—

This was a very interesting read.” Review snippet: “Gauntlet”—

This book doesn’t give us the beautiful young vampires, these guys are nasty, decaying and evil.” Review snippet: “Predators or Prey?”—

…this was a good book and I’m looking forward to finding out what the next spot of trouble Wendy is going to find herself in.” Review snippet: “Necromancer” —

This book has Wendy and Colm as a great team, sharing love and trust, and battling the vampires who now can walk in the sun!” Review snippet: “Vindicated” —

“Vampires that don’t drink blood, werewolves that don’t shift.” Review snippet: “Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects” —

This is a novel of pure action and adventure. There was never a dull moment, even for a minute.” Review snippet: “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” —

There was no stop in the action, and if you are into good action this is the book for you.” Review snippet: “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” —

The paranormal aspect of this story is original and done exceptionally well.” Review snippet: Quagmire Fen” —

This is a great reading experience and I highly recommend it.” Review snippet: Quagmire Fen” —

Scott Harper

Word of Mouth

Desirée and I are often asked by fans what they can do to help promote our work. Because this is such a common question, I wanted to cover it in a blog post.

The answer to the question is very simple—word of mouth. If you’d like to help promote our work—or the work of any other authors for that matter—simply talk to people about it. Family. Friends. Co-workers. People on the street with whom you strike up a conversation. Anyone you can tell; the more the better.

Social networks provide an excellent method for doing this, too. Post social updates such as, “I’m currently reading “Within These Stone Walls” by Desirée Lee”. What are you reading?” Or Tweet something like, “Just read “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” by Scott Harper. I loved that book, and hope he writes a sequel!”

Both Desirée and myself are on Facebook and Twitter. Like our fan pages on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Click the “Like” button on Facebook posts, and share those posts to your own Timelines. Favorite our Tweets, and reTweet them so your own Followers can see them.

Just by doing those few simple things, you can do a huge, huge amount to help spread the word about our work. Want to help promote your favorite authors? That’s a 100% free, simple way. Odds are you’re already doing those things for one or two big-name celebrities. Please take a couple of moments from your busy day to include us in that, too.

To find Desirée and I on Facebook:

Desirée Lee—

Scott Harper—

To find Desirée and I on Twitter:

Desirée Lee—

Scott Harper—

Our thanks to all of you who are willing to take these quick, easy steps to help spread the word about us. For those of you who discovered this blog post without knowing who Desirée and I are, we are both bestselling, critically-acclaimed paranormal authors. Feel free to explore my site to learn more about me. To learn more about Desirée, visit her at

Again, our thanks to you all. Desirée and I are both appreciative beyond words of our fans!

Scott Harper

“Nuclear Winter Entertainment” “Aquaman” Article

Here’s the first “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” article by Desirée Lee, and myself: Our topic for this one is the current “Aquaman” comic book series published by DC Comics.

Though I’ve been a DC fan for many years, Batman is my major character. I’d only met Arthur Curry—a.k.a. Aquaman—via “Justice League” and small cameos in other books. When the current series started up, I felt drawn to read it. And now Aquaman has firmly become a favorite character for me. This series, and character, are fantastic. Please check out the “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” article to see what Desirée and I have to say about it.

Scott Harper

Arizona Writing Workshop

Desirée Lee and I will be at the Cholla Library (10050 Metro Parkway East, Phoenix, AZ) on Saturday, August 24, 2013. We will be presenting a talk on the topic of small press publishing. This will run from 10:00 AM until noon. This event is being sponsored by the Arizona Authors Association. We look forward to seeing you there!

Scott Harper

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