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Reminder About This Afternoon


Don’t forget the video podcast this afternoon! I hope you’ll join us at 4:00 PM PST right here! I’ll be speaking live with author/publisher/editor Marci Baun on her Publisher’s Lounge about writing, and whatever other topics come up.

Scott Harper

Podcast Tomorrow


Hello, everyone!

I apologize for the lack of posts here lately. I’ve missed updating this blog/website for the past two days. It’s been a mess of health issues here of late. Things are much more under control, and back to normal now.

Tomorrow afternoon, at 4:00 PM PST I’ll be speaking live with author/publisher/editor Marci Baun on Publishing Lounge as part of “The Blab” podcast. I hope you can join us!

Scott Harper

Looking For Other Authors


As you all know, Desirée Lee, and I co-own/run a small publishing company. That publisher is Umbral Press. We’re looking for authors to publish. Please check out our submissions requirements, and let us hear from you!

We’re also still looking for a new, qualified editor. If you’re interested, please give those requirements a look on the Umbral Press website, and get in touch with us.

Scott Harper



As you know, Desirée Lee and I are, in addition to being bestselling, award-winning authors, owners of a small publishing house called Umbral Press. We’ve been looking to hire on an editor for a while. Recently, we put up an ad on Craig’s List to that effect. We had an unexpectedly large number of responses. Some of those were good. Others were not so good. But, we’re currently going over the resumes that were sent to us. We’ve narrowing down the list of potentials. Hopefully we’ll make a choice, and have a new editor working for Umbral Press soon. Once that happens, expect Umbral Press’s output to increase. We realize that things there have been slow for a while. We’re trying hard to change that.

Speaking of Umbral Press, Desirée and I are always looking for new authors to publish, too. Are you a writer? Then go to Umbral Press’s website, and check out our requirements on the “Submissions” page.

Scott Harper

Getting There


As you all know, Desirée Lee and I are co-owners of the small publishing company called Umbral Press. We’re working hard to grow the company. For a while now, we’ve been looking for editors to work for Umbral Press. Recently, we put an ad up on Craig’s List. We’ve gotten a very good response to it. We have quite a few résumés to look over.

We are also still looking for authors to publish. The more the merrier! Please go to the “Submissions” section of the Umbral Press site for details on what we publish, and how to submit work to us.

Scott Harper

Umbral Press—Still Looking


Umbral Press, the publishing company co-owned by Desiree Lee and myself, is still seeking new submissions from authors. We’re also looking for qualified editors to edit those submissions, and help get them prepared for publication. Prior to the very recent past, Umbral Press was an invite-only publisher. It’s only been in recent weeks that we’ve opened up for anyone to submit to us. Umbral Press is still very small, but we’re looking to grow the company. The more authors we publish, the better.

Please see the “Submissions” guidelines on the website for author requirements.

Please see the “Contact” page for information on how to apply for a job with us as part of our editorial staff.

Umbral Press publishes fiction only. Everything we publish has some element of fantasy, the paranormal, horror, mystery, steampunk, etc. to it. Any given work may, or may not, contain erotica, or other adult content. So, anyone applying for a position as one of our editors, please let us know when you apply if such adult content is something you don’t want to read. That way, if you’re hired, we’ll know not to assign any such projects to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper

Umbral Press Needs You!

Attention other authors and editors out there! Umbral Press needs you! Umbral Press is the publishing company co-owned by Desiree Lee and myself.

Prior to now, we have only been publishing on an invitation-only basis. Not any more! Umbral Press is now open to outside submissions! Please use the link above, and visit the “Submissions” section of the page for our submission guidelines. We enforce these. So, please, if you submit anything to us, follow those rules. If not, you’re only wasting your time, and ours. And, if you’re anywhere near as busy as we are, you don’t have any time to waste.

Editors, please also use the above link for Umbral Press, and see the “Contact” page of the site. True, we haven’t put much information up for editors yet. But if you’re interested, please use the e-mail address provided on that page to send us a message.

Again, we’re looking for authors – previously unpublished, newly published, or those with tons of published material to their names. It doesn’t matter, as long as you write the genres that Umbral Press publishes.

Editors, we need you, too, so please get in touch!

Scott Harper

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