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Great News!

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve had any progress to report; things had pretty much stalled. Now, though, edits are underway for “Mojito Cove” – and so is the cover art! Hopefully I’ll be able to announce a release date for “Mojito Cove” in the near future.

I want to thank you all for joining me on this journey that is my writing career. I appreciate you all!


They’re Back


Edits have come back for the new book Desirée Lee and I are co-authoring. That project is called “Hidden Tribe“. That’s the sasquatch novel, for those of you who haven’t heard. We’re working our way through those at the present.

I haven’t been saying a whole lot here on this site/blog about the particulars of “Hidden Tribe”. In this business, which is highly competitive, theft of ideas is always a problem. Desirée, and I have both had that happen to each of us in the past. So, we try to be very cautious about that now. But, as we’ve been talking about one certain aspect of “Hidden Tribe” in person for a few weeks now when asked about it, I’ll blab it here, too:

“Hidden Tribe” isn’t a typical sasquatch-themed book. The entire story is told exclusively from the point of view of the sasquatch. We have two point of view characters in the book – a male and a female sasquatch. They’re a mated pair. We switched the point of view back and forth between them as the story’s needs dictated.

There are some other surprises planned in connection with “Hidden Tribe” that we think will really excite our fans. But, we’re keeping publicly quiet about those – for now. Keep watching; I’ll spill more of the proverbial beans here when the time is right!

Scott Harper


As you all know, I’m back to work on “Warder: Changing Guard”. I’m giving the manuscript one final going over before turning it over for edits.

Over the years that I’ve been writing professionally, I’ve learned a vast amount about editing. One thing that editors harp on a lot are crutch words – words that an author uses over and over and over and over and over and over again. As an author, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of using a crutch word without even realizing that you’re doing it. One major word that has been brought to my attention again and again is the word “was”. It’s use is grammatically correct. But, with a bit of reworking, just about any sentence that uses the word “was” can be rewritten to omit that word. and sound better. Some editors let “was” slide. Others don’t.

During the editing processes of my award winning, bestselling novel “Quintana Roo, Yucatan“, and my critically acclaimed novella “Quagmire Fen“, I had several discussions regarding “was”. Long story short, a lot of repetition of the word ended up being cut from both of those projects.

Now, working on “Warder: Changing Guard”, I’ve set myself a personal challenge. Thus far, I’ve held to it. The challenge? To write an entire book without relying on the word “was” even once. “Warder: Changing Guard” isn’t a long book. If it were to be published as-is, right now, it would be 100-pages-long in an over-sized 6×9 format. Still, 100 pages written without using “was” even once…

Doing this has really made me aware of how reliant I tend to be on the word. While reading the work of other authors, I find myself counting how many times they used “was” per page. Sometimes I see it multiple times in a single paragraph.

Eliminating “was” from an entire book has had an interesting effect on it. “Warder: Changing Guard” pulls the reader into things more. It’s far more active, far less passive. It’s amazing what refusing to use one single word, even one time, in a book can do for the story!

Here’s hoping that all of you like “Warder: Changing Guard” as much as I do right now!

Oh! About the length of “Warder: Changing Guard”… The plan, currently anyway, is to release each “Warder” book as an e-book only to start with. Then, when several are out, to publish several of them at a time, three or four, in paperback. An original story will likely accompany them in the paperback edition.

Scott Harper

“Newsweek” Sasquatch


Who else has picked up their copy of the special edition of “Newsweek” that’s devoted entirely to sasquatch? I haven’t had time to read the entire issue yet, but we made sure to grab a copy. As you all know, due to experiences with at least one sasquatch that I had while growing up in Ohio, the topic is one of extreme interest for me.

Our thanks to Mr. Cliff Barackman for sharing news of this issue’s release on his Facebook page recently. Had he not done that, this might have slipped by without our notice.

My wife and I also have a book in the works dealing with that subject. It’s called “Hidden TribeHidden Tribe“, and is currently in edits.

Scott Harper


The phone call interview I’ve mentioned on this blog/site recently would have happened today. But, our daughter has a Thanksgiving event going on at her school today. Which means the call had to be postponed. It’s to happen next Tuesday – one week from today. I’m being told now that it’ll be a preliminary to the actual Q&A.

This isn’t a job interview. It concerns the sasquatch sightings/encounters I had in Ohio while growing up. This will also serve as some advance promo to the new book my wife and I have in edits – “Hidden Tribe”.

Scott Harper




Edits are well underway on my first Wendy Markland novel, “Predators or Prey?”, for a re-release via Umbral Press. It’s been a while now since I parted ways with the publishing company that first released the three existing Wendy Markland books – “Predators or Prey?”, “Necromancer”, and “Vindicated”. With the edits going on for the re-release, it has come to my attention just how poorly-edited the previous editions – the original e-book release, and the paperback release that came some time afterward – were. I apologize to each and every one of you for that poor editing. The editing was one of the problems with that publisher; it was one of the reasons I left them. I had no idea that the final, published editions of “Predator or Prey?” were such a mess, though. Expect different from the Umbral Press re-release.

While I’m on the subject, expect the Umbral Press re-release of “Predators or Prey?” to include two short stories featuring your favorite monster hunter – Wendy Markland. The current plan is for this new edition to include “Remnants”, a short story which had been added to “Predators or Prey?” for the prior paperback release, and also a new, original, first-time-in-print short story.

Please keep watching for news, and updates!

Scott Harper

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