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Attention Media Outlets

Desirée and I are looking to do more media interviews. Each of us has an accumulation of expertise in a the various facets of writing, and, given the nature of the majority of our work, the paranormal and cryptozoology, as well. Of course, we’re also both always quite willing to be interviewed about our myriad projects—past, present, and future—anytime, too!


Scott Harper

Video Class Update

I have just received word from Betterfly ( that I have been accepted into their Betterfly Live program. When the program launches in the near future, I will have the ability to conduct on-line writing lessons with anyone, anywhere, on-line. The fee for this will be $20 for a 15 minutes session.

Scott Harper


I’m working on the rough draft of an as yet untitled sasquatch novel. The project is an adaptation of a screenplay I had been putting together. Please contact me with your personal sasquatch encounters, stories, theories, etc. This project is a work of fiction, but I’m also toying with the idea of a non-fiction sasquatch project.


Scott Harper

On-line Video Classes?

For a while, I’ve been offering a tutorial service for writers. However, the site I use for that ( is only just starting to foray into on-line video classes conducted via Skype. They’re only taking on a select few instructors to begin with. I’ve applied to be one of them, but it will be some time before I hear whether or not I’ve been selected to be one.


A couple of questions for you all—if I were to begin offering such on-line tutorials via Skype, how interested would all of you be? What would be a fair fee to charge for such a thing?


Scott Harper

Ideas & Thank You

Although I’ve not yet had the pleasure of reading the “Redwall” series of novels by Brian Jacques—something I certainly want and plan to do—I just watched the pilot episode of the “Redwall” animated series on Netflix while having breakfast. I had found the series on Netflix a while back, added it to the instant queue, and then, busy as Desirée and I have been lately, forgotten about it. I rediscovered it on the instant queue yesterday evening.


Watching the pilot episode a few minutes ago sparked a couple of story ideas in me. Those ideas almost immediately intertwined with ideas for a fantasy novel that I’ve been playing with for over a year. I feel the stirrings of a new epic fantasy novel coming on…


If and when I begin work on it, it’ll be nice to get back to that genre. Of the 30+ short stories I’ve had published, most of them were fantasy. My first two novels—”Winter’s Rite”, and “Well Wishes”—were fantasy. My most recent release, “Quagmire Fen”, my first novella, is fantasy of a vastly different tone and feel. It was more of a modern day urban fantasy. I enjoy working in the fantasy genre. It’ll feel good to get back to it with a new project. Creating the world that’s forming in my mind for this new novel will be a lot of work, but, ultimately worth it, I think. My hope is that all of you think so, too. Authors can’t do what we do without you—the fans.


Which brings me to an excellent time to say thank to all of my readers and fans. You’re all wonderful. I thank you all for the support of my myriad projects. Please keep checking back for news and updates on those. Big things are in the works. Hopefully, I can legally—nondisclosure agreements can be a pain!—start spilling some beans very soon.


Scott Harper

E-book Piracy

Over the past several years piracy has moved from music to TV/film and now to e-books. E-book sales are outselling traditional print books nearly every sales quarter now. Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other e-readers are everywhere we look these days. And, as with any technology, there are people who have figured out a way to warp it for their own means.


E-book piracy has become a problem plaguing every publisher and author these days, it seems. Ways have been found to “unlock” e-books, removing copyright and other information. These illegal e-books are then traded around, or put on file sharing sites. Thousands upon thousands of these stolen books are downloaded on a regular basis.


Here are some article which delve deeper into the issue:


Piracy isn’t a new problem, but e-book piracy is a newer slant on the old practice. It’s something that every author and publisher should be aware of. These illegal practices cost everyone involved in the creative and sales side of the publishing industry hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, per year now. What’s to be done about it, though? Please comment on this post with your own ideas and suggestion on the matter of ending e-book piracy.


Scott Harper

Project Updates

A lot has been going on across several projects. If you’ve been paying attention, some of this you’ve heard before. Other bits of information on this list I’ve putting out here for the first time. These projects span literature, film,  and comic books. I’m not going to list a lot of detail here yet. That will need to wait until things have been signed and are official on some of these points. However, what I can say right now is:

– I am co-owner of a publisher company, with my fiancée Desirée Lee. She’s a best-selling, critically-acclaimed paranormal author. Our publishing company is called Umbral Press—

– I’m in the midst of casting a feature-length, direct-to-DVD thriller movie called “Most Likely To”.

– I’m working on a new novel. It’s a currently untitled sasquatch project. This novel is being adapted from a film project idea that I’ve been playing with for a couple of years now.

– The comic book series, “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum”, which is based on my Wendy Markland novels (“Predators or Prey?”, “Necromancer”, and “Vindicated” to date) is still moving forward. Work on Issue #1 is wrapping up, and work in Issue #2 is also beginning.

– “MoonWaith”, which is a TV series/pilot that I’ve been trying to get sold for a few years now is moving forward. Desirée and I began adapting “MoonWraith” as a web-comic several months ago. The project has now caught the interest of a producer. We are in the midst of negotiating Option Agreement terms.

Please keep checking back for future updates!

Scott Harper

April Author of the Month!

This month, I’m the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Author of the Month. Please check out the feature interview:


Scott Harper

Government Blog Watchers?

For a while now, when I’ve checked the traffic stats for this blog, I’ve been seeing a number of hits from what appear to be United States governmental in origin. Is the President a fan? Is President Obama sitting in the White House, reading my blog?  Someone in Homeland Security? The FBI? CIA? The US Army? Navy? Airforce? Marines? Whoever my US governmental fans are, hello to you, and thank you for dropping by!


Scott Harper

Meghan S. – Congratulations!

Congratulations to Meghan S.—the winner of the e-book copy of “Predators or Prey?” I gave away as part of the “Spring is in the Air” blog hop.


My thanks, again, to not only Meghan, but to everyone who took the time to visit as part of the hop.


Scott Harper

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