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Every since my fourth book, “Predators or Prey?” – which was the first book in my Wendy Markland series of novels – came out there has been interest in adapting it. Various parties have wanted to turn the book into a live-action film, a live-action web-series, a part live-action/part animated webseries, or a television series.

Soon after the release of my eighth novel, bestselling, award-winning “Quintana Roo, Yucatan”, a film producer expressed interest in adapting that book as a movie.

Unfortunately, none of that has ever happened.

Still, Desiree Lee and I recently attended a film festival. It made me start thinking. If anyone out there would care to adapt one of my books, or short stories, for an entry into a film festival, let’s talk. I seriously doubt that “Quintana Roo, Yucatan”, or “Quagmire Fen” would be within the scope and reach of a film festival budget to pull off properly. If so, great. But I doubt that would happen. Attempting live-action versions of “Winter’s Rite” or “Well Wishes” on such a scaled-back budget probably wouldn’t work, either. However, I’ve been told by a number of fans over the years that those books would make excellent animated projects – traditional hand-drawn, or CGI. Most of my short stories would make for low budget films. I keep giving thought to trying my hand with one of those, anyway.

Again, if you’re looking for material to adapt for a film festival project, please get in touch. I’ve written a wealth of material for you to choose from. Pick a title, and let’s discuss it.

Scott Harper

Happy Camp

This year Desiree Lee and I will be attending the California Bigfoot Festival in Willow Creek, California. We very much hope to be able to attend the Bigfoot Jamboree at Happy Camp next year. We’re already in talks with them about promoting the sasquatch-themed novel we have in the works. And, though I don’t usually enjoy being in front of a group of people, talking, I wouldn’t mind being able to do a discussion on my own first-hand sightings and experiences with sasquatch while growing up in Ohio. Investigator Lon Strickler was kind enough to post an account of those in his blog some time back.

As with this year’s trip to the California Bigfoot Festival, if we’re able to attend the Happy Camp Bigfoot Jamboree next year it would be a mixture of business and pleasure. With luck, we’ll be there promoting our work – especially the sasquatch-themed novel we have in progress. But, if we’re there, we’ll also simply be enjoying being there. Please keep watch on my website and WordPress blog for updates concerning this. If things do work out, and we’re able to be there next year, there’ll be plenty of updates posted here leading up to the event.

Scott Harper

Willow Creek

Usually, Desiree Lee and I don’t advertise ahead of time where we’ll be for non-work reasons. Why? We’re both bestselling authors. We’re public figures. Thus far, neither of us has picked up any stalkers, but that could change at any time. Since the birth of our daughter, that’s even more of a concern. Still, in this instance, I wanted to make it known where we plan to be beforehand. That’s because this outing is equal parts pleasure and work.

On Saturday, August 30th, 2014 we’ll be at Willow Creek at the sasquatch festival there – the California Bigfoot Festival. One project we have in the works right now is a sasquatch-themed novel. Attending the festival will fall into the category of research. It will also simply be fun. Anyone who knows anything about me at all probably knows about my nearly life-long interest in the topic of sasquatch. A lot of that comes from these events while I was growing up in Ohio. Now, living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m more interested in the topic than ever. Also, by attending this year, we hope to make the needed connections to be able to appear as guests at some point in the future.

So, if you’re going to be in Willow Creek, California on August 30th for the California Bigfoot Festival, and would like to meet two bestselling authors, please keep watch for us. We’ll be there somewhere!

Scott Harper

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