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Migraine Progress


It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything here about my migraines, and coping with them. It seems that quite a lot of writers deal with migraines – which is why I bring them up here from time to time. I’m pleased to say that there’s been a major improvement on that front.

Last month, I had the appointment with the neurologist. The family doctor had wanted me to see him, as he – the family doctor – wasn’t sure what he was looking at on the MRIs that he had ordered for me. The neurologist showed my wife and I the MRI images, pointed out the “anomalous white spot”, and told us firmly and definitively that he wasn’t in the least bit concerned with it. According to him, given the tiny size, and location of that spot on the MRI images, it was nothing at all.

Then, after talking about other prescription medications, he surprised us both by turning easily to over-the-counter herbal supplements. He suggested that I give feverfew a try. We stopped by a small store in Klamath Falls, Oregon called Earthstar where we shop from time to time. Soon as we said we were looking for feverfew, the shop’s owner asked, “Are you treating migraines?” We said yes, and I was told to take four feverfew capsules a day, and they would “dull down” the migraines. The owner of the store told me that if I wanted to stop the migraines outright, and just not get them at all (yes, please!) then I should add butterbur to the mix.

Long story short, I tried the feverfew for about a month. It worked just like the owner of Earthstar said. Then I added the butterbur. Again, it’s been just like he said – no migraines! Sadly, this doesn’t help with sinus headaches, or getting head-butted by our 2-year-old daughter. But the mix of four feverfew capsules, and two butterbur capsules a day have completely knocked out my migraines.

I had an appointment scheduled with the family doctor for this afternoon. But, for reasons unknown to me, the doctor won’t be in the office today, now. So, my appointment has been rescheduled for next month. I’ll have to wait until then for the follow-up with him on all of this.

But, for all of you out there who suffer from migraines, I’d highly suggest that you speak to your doctor about giving the feverfew/butterbur mix a try. It’s worked wonders for me!

Scott Harper

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