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I’m still looking for a good agent to represent my work. I had hoped, recently, to sign with someone who was just starting up her agency. However, in an unexpected turn of events, she opted not to open the agency. So, I’m still/again looking. Ideally, anyone representing my work would be comfortable working with literature, film, and comic book projects. Any interested agents, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page of my website.

Scott Harper

“The Nightmare”


The Nightmare” is a film project which I knew was in the works. I only found out this week that it had been released. “The Nightmare” takes a look at sleep paralysis, and the terror that is so often bound up with it. When work first began on this project, I learned about it, and, as per the request of the filmmakers, sent them information on my own dealings with sleep paralysis. For those of you who haven’t deal with sleep paralysis, consider yourselves lucky. It isn’t fun on any level!

“The Nightmare” has just been picked up by Netflix. I plan to watch it soon. As yet I don’t know if any of the personal information I sent to the filmmakers made it into the project. If so, I’ll let you all know once I’ve had a chance to watch the film. If any of you have seen it, what did you think?

Scott Harper


A while back I talked a bit here about the director who was interested in making “Dart“. Sorry to say, there isn’t much to report on that front to date. The director is still interested. He is still working toward making “Dart” a reality. But, in the film business, things tend to move very, very slowly. This project is proving to be the rule, not the exception. If and when things move forward more on this project, I’ll let you all know.

Scott Harper

“Solomon Kane”


I remember seeing previews for the film “Solomon Kane” when it first came out. I had thought it was a more recent film. It was a surprise to realize it had been released in 2009. Anyway, I’d never seen the movie, but had been curious about it when it came out. Several months ago it was on TV. I recorded it on the DVR, but hadn’t taken the time to watch it until this morning.

As with many things, I started to watch “Solomon Kane” because I wanted to watch it. But it became a work exercise. As you all know, I’m Wiccan. So the general anti-pagan/pro-christian themes of the film didn’t sit well with me at all. In fact, due to those points, I wouldn’t have even watched the whole movie if other things hadn’t well and truly grabbed and held my interest. The movie was a nice blend of drama, character-development, action/adventure, and fantasy. There were several elements in it that sparked ideas for future “Warder” stories. Some of those things would be for brand new plot elements. Others are things that will dovetail quite nicely with other things I already have planned.

And, as a writer, I thoroughly enjoyed the fine example of story plotting evident in “Solomon Kane”. The film’s story unfolded very nicely, at a good, steady pace. There were some twists involved, too – not all of which I saw coming! Purely on that level alone, I would recommend to any writer – be it of literature, film, or comic books – to watch this movie as an example of good plotting, and storytelling.

Scott Harper



Desirée Lee and I have had something potentially very good to happen with a film project. We can’t say much – anything, really – at this point. Hopefully that will change on this coming Monday. Please wish us luck! If something does happen with this, I’ll post here about it soon as I can.

Scott Harper

Update – “Hero Life”

It’s been a while since I mentioned the “Hero Life” project here. That’s the paranormal superhero action/adventure/drama that I’m co-writing. We have a script for “Hero Life” as a feature film. Due to comments made from several potential directors approached with the project – things akin to “Wow! This ought to be a TV series!” – a pilot script for a “Hero Life” TV series is still being written. My co-writer on this project has been hard at work on his part of that script for a little while now. Hopefully that’ll be wrapped up in the near future.

So, anyone interested in “Hero Life” now has their choice of the project as a feature-length film, or a TV pilot. Any potential directors, or producers, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page on my website. I’ll put you in touch with my co-writer on “Hero Life”, too.

Scott Harper


A year ago I first started talking here about a project that my wife – bestselling, award-winning author Desirée Lee – and myself hope to do with the amazing musical talent Mr. Tom Smith. We still hope that project will happen. Mr. Smith still wants to do the film. He still likes the ideas we’ve put before him. However, doing a screenplay based on a musician’s song is new territory for us, and Mr. Smith. We had hoped to begin moving on this film project once our new book, “Hidden Tribe“, had wrapped up. “Hidden Tribe” is currently in edits. Currently, Mr. Smith is exploring the legal issues, and red tape, involved with the project we want to do. Business is business. Both we, and he, need to be protected. So, hopefully this project comes together soon. Please keep watching for updates!

Scott Harper


I’m the bestselling, award-winning author of 30+ published short stories, eight novels, and one novella. My wife Desirée Lee, and myself write, and create the hit mature audience werewolf horror webcomic “MoonWraith”. I’ve also done other comic book work, and branched out into screenplays.

Also, I’m Wiccan, and have made a study and practice of magick. Years of my life have also been devoted to the study of, and dealing with, various aspects of the supernatural, and cryptozoology.

I’d be willing and able to work in the capacity of a consultant in any of the above topics, or fields. That goes for research projects, books, or practical applications. Please just contact me via my website. I have no doubt that we can work out a fair fee for my time and energies. I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper


Recently I talked a bit here about how a director had begun reading the movie script for “Dart“. He likes the project, and is very interested. “Dart” would be a fairly low-budget film to make. The director is interested in trying crowdfunding to gain the needed funds for this. However, when I’ve tried crowdfunding in the past I’ve not had any luck with it at all. Can anyone reading this help make such a page a success for us in the event the director does try that route on this project? Suggestions? Comments?

Scott Harper



I have a bit of good news to share. I’ve mentioned before here about several screenplays that I’m trying to find homes for. One of those is an action script titled “Dart“. A director is now reading over that script. Should anything happen on this front, I’ll report what I can, when I can, here on this site/blog.

Wish me luck, please!

Scott Harper

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