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Game With Us


Since the past two days’ posts have centered around the fantasy genre, and RPGs, I thought I’d just round out the week with another one. I’ll try to move on to a different topic for Monday’s post. But, today I’m going to reiterate something that I post about here every once in a while – “EverQuest“.

Desirée Lee and I play “EverQuest” on the Trakanon server. We both play dwarves. My character is a Level 73 Rogue named Roltnar. Hers is a Level 72 Cleric named Danora. Typically, when we get to play, we’re on-line during the evenings and weekends. It’s pretty random at times, though. Especially due to our daughter. Inevitably, as soon as start planning to do something major in-game, our daughter will wake up, needing attention. Still, we play when we can.

So, want to hop on-line, and game with two bestselling, award-winning, critically-acclaimed authors of fantasy and paranormal? We’d love for you to do that! Log into the Trakanon server, and look us up. Join up with us, and have some fun!

Scott Harper

Brief RPG Update

Yesterday I brought up the topic of dwarves as a race in the fantasy genre. That reminded me that I haven’t said anything here for a while about the RPG that Desirée Lee and I have in the works. It’s one of several projects that we’re co-authoring at the same time.

Sorry to say, it’s pretty much been put on hold – again. Desirée and I each have solo projects in various stages of completion. Some of those are in edits right now. We also have our co-authored sasquatch novel “Hidden Tribe” in edits. We’re keeping up with our hit werewolf horror webcomic “MoonWraith“, too. In case you missed the post regarding “MoonWraith” earlier this week, we’re over 150,000 hits on the webcomic now. She and I are also the parents of a healthy, active 2-year-old girl. Our daughter is a full-time job by herself! And, the virus we caught is still being an issue, too. Our daughter seems to be having a relapse of it. And I’ve never quite gotten over it to begin with.

Hopefully, someday soon, we can get back to serious work on the RPG. We want to. We’re both excited about the project. But it’s still a long, long way from being ready to release. Other things, much closer to being ready, keep taking our time.

But, while I’m talking about the RPG, I have a question for all of you. We keep debating on the best central core for the game. We keep wavering back and forth between the Fate core system, as was used in the “Dresden Files RPG”, or the more standard d20 dice system. Both variations have their pros and cons. Which would all of you rather see us use in the RPG? Please let us know!

Scott Harper



Several times here lately I’ve mentioned that Desirée Lee and myself are working on several projects together. We’ve been keeping details of those mostly secret. But, at our previous couple of public appearances, we’ve talked a bit about one of those. So, I’ll talk about it here, briefly, and make it official:

One of the projects we’re coauthoring is a new tabletop RPG. That’s Role-Playing Game for those who didn’t know. Some people hear “RPG” and automatically think “Rocket-Propelled Grenade”.

Desirée has more tabletop RPG experience than I do. Most of my RPG experience has been limited to playing “EverQuest”. Still, we’re pooling out experience, and imaginations to create a new RPG. I won’t go into details about it here yet. Suffice to say that we’ve been working on it off and on for a little while now. Say…a little over two and a half years. Thus far, the RPG hasn’t been a priority. We’ve mostly been working on here and there, as inspiration strikes.

Recently, however, we were talking to a friend who is also a gamer. He’s willing to help us develop, test play, and refine the RPG. He thinks some other friends would be, too. We’re now talking about regular get-togethers for that purpose as soon as Desirée and I can get the game to the point of being able to be test-played. Which means that we need to do more work on it. We’re going to try to squeeze a bit of time for that in when we can, among the other things we’re working on that are on deadlines.

Please keep checking back for updates on this project.

Scott Harper

“Dungeons and Dragons”


Who else remembers the classic Saturday morning cartoon “Dungeons and Dragons” from the mid-1980s? A while back, Desirée Lee and I bought the collected series on DVD. The series only ran for 27 episodes. So, sadly, it’s not that impressive of a collection numerically-speaking. It took us a while to get through even those few episodes. We’d watch one, two, or three of them. And then not watch any for weeks, or months. A couple of evenings ago we watched the final four episodes of the series.

Watching the show now, as adults, neither of us found it as engrossing as we did as children. Still, it was fun to revisit. And having the series on DVD, we can do so again anytime we please.

Desirée has far more tabletop RPG experience than I do. I want more, though. A lot more. I thoroughly enjoy RPGs. And, watching “Dungeons and Dragons” now, from the viewpoint of a bestselling, award-winning author, and screenwriter, I can’t help but want to work on a “Dungeons and Dragons” project. It’d be a lot of fun to be able to work on a new “Dungeons and Dragons” series. Live-action would be great, but working on a “Dungeons and Dragons” animated series would be a blast, too. I’m unaware of any such project currently being put together, but still… If anyone is putting a new “Dungeons and Dragons” series together, and is looking for writers, please get in touch with me.

Scott Harper



Desirée Lee and I like to game. She has a lot more experience with MMORPGs than I do. She logged many, many, many hours on “Word of Warcraft”, “EverQuest”, and several other such games during her time in college, and for a few years thereafter. Since she introduced me to “EverQuest” a while back, I’ve gotten into it far more than I really thought I would. We don’t log in to play “EverQuest” as much as we’d like. We’re busy. Both of us are award-winning, bestselling authors. We have a number of projects in the works—coauthored, and written individually. We’re also the parents of a toddler who is 15-months-old. Taking care of her is a full-time job in and of itself! Those of you who have done it, or are doing it, know just what I’m talking about. Still, we play “EverQuest” now and then, and want to make an effort to do so more. It’s relaxing to put our daughter to bed, and then do a dungeon raid, and slaughter goblins. Yes, we’re strange; we know that.

We play “EverQuest” on the Trakanon server. Desirée plays a (currently) Level 55 Dwarf Cleric named Danora. I play a (currently) Level 56 Dwarf Rogue named Roltnar. At the moment, it’s just us, adventuring together with our familiars and mercenaries. We wouldn’t mind linking up with a few other players. With a larger group, we would be able to hit creatures that are way too big for just the two of us alone.

So, if you like “EverQuest”, and would like to game with a pair of bestselling, award-winning paranormal authors, please look us up. Again, we’re on the Trakanon server. We’re erratic as to when we log on. Anymore, there’s no given day or time where you’re most likely to find us in-world. The only guidelines I can offer is to say to look for us in the evenings during the week, and anytime day or night on weekends—especially Saturdays. If you’ve looked for us, but haven’t found us, please message me via the “Contact” page of my website. We can probably work out a time to meet up in-world, and quest together.

Scott Harper

Quick—Grab Them!

Predators or Prey Print Front Cover_Small

There are still a couple copies of the print edition of “Predators or Prey?”, the first book in my Wendy Markland series, left in Astral Games—737 Main Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon. As I have parted ways with DCL Publications, there will be no more prints of this edition made—ever. That makes this paperback a collectable, especially with “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum” in the works. Grab them before they’re gone!

Scott Harper

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