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“Ghostbusters” (2016)


Not having anything in particular to post about today writing-wise, I’ll toss this post up. Consider this one of the “About Me” posts that fans request.

The official trailer for the 2016 reboot/remake of “Ghostbusters” was released by Sony Pictures Entertainment this morning. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

After watching it myself – twice, in fact – I’m still not sure about the remake. “Ghostbusters” (1984) is my all-time favorite movie. As I’ve said before, I’m not happy with the idea of a reboot. Yet, since this is “Ghostbusters”, I’ll have to watch it at some point. I’m still on the proverbial fence in regards to seeing this in the theater, though. This remake is, from what I’ve read, meant to be the launchpad for a whole expanded “Ghostbusters” universe. Had the 2016 film been a passing-of-the-torch story, taking us from the original team to a new team, I probably could have accepted it. But to just pretend that “Ghostbusters” and “Ghostbusters II” never happened, ignore those characters, and start fresh? That bothers me. A lot.

Harold Ramis’s character of Dr. Egon Spengler always has been, and always will be, my favorite Ghostbuster. “Ghostbusters” (1984) was actually my introduction to the paranormal. Though the film is a comedy, it changed me, and my life. In a lot of ways, I am the person I am today because of “Ghostbusters”. Dr. Spengler, although he is a fictional character, was a large driving force behind my obsession with science while growing up, too.

So, maybe that’s why I’m so touchy about the idea of a remake/reboot. “Ghostbusters” (1984) has meant so much to me for so long – the film was released when I was 9-years-old. I’m 40-years-old-now; I turn 41 in three months – that the thought of the production company simply tossing it aside is impossible for me to fathom.

Scott Harper

“Lampreys In Lingerie”

Sometimes the title for a story will simply pop into my mind. Most of the time it’s a title I’ll never use. Typically, it isn’t even for any story ideas that I have. Often, these random title ideas are very silly, as well non-applicable.

Yesterday, what may the silliest one ever came to mind – “Lampreys In Lingerie”. I have no idea where it came from. As Mr. Dan Aykroyd’s character Dr. Ray Stantz said near the end of “Ghostbusters” when conjuring up Mr. Stay Puft, “It just popped in there!”

Given that yesterday’s post had a darker tone to it, I thought it a good idea to offset that with a bit of silliness today. Maybe the increase of the antidepressant is helping me more than I even noticed.

Scott Harper



As I’ve mentioned on this blog/website before – especially in this post a few months back – “Ghostbusters” is my all-time favorite movie. It might sound strange to say that a comedy changed my life. But “Ghostbusters” introduced me to the paranormal. Since then, I’ve made a serious study of the supernatural, and become a bestselling, award-winning paranormal/fantasy author. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without “Ghostbusters”. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who was involved in the making of that incredible movie.

Now, sadly, “Ghostbusters” is being given a “reboot”. I’m very, very unhappy about that. A passing-of-the-torch film I could have accepted. But a reboot/remake? No. It’s heartbreaking to me to even think about it. Let this post stand as my official protest against that project. I’m not a fan of remakes/reboots to begin with. Honestly, the only remake I’ve seen that I consider better than the original would be the 1986 version of “Little Shop of Horrors“. I’ve seen the original 1960 version of the film. In fact, we have it here on DVD as part of a classic horror film collection. The 1986 remake is vastly better! But that’s the only exception that comes to mind.

Hollywood, please, please, please stop with the remakes and reboots! Stop messing with classic, great films, and turning them into CGI drivel with no plots, and toilet humor! Give us original material worth watching, not a terrible rehash of what was once a great movie.

Scott Harper



Since posting the image of my with my “Ghostbusters” T-shirt on a while back, and being seen in public wearing it, and some other of my attention-grabbing T-shirts, I keep being asked where these shirts come from. The “Ghostbusters” T-shirt, and most of the other ones people routinely ask about are from one website. That site is called TeeFury.

I have several shirts from that site. “Ghostbusters” is my all-time favorite film. So, I have the one I’ve posted on this blog before, and a newer one. The newer one is the “Ugly Little Spud” design. I also have a “Star Wars”/”Doctor Who” mash-up shirt, a “Spaceballs” shirt, a “Little Shop of Horrors” shirt, a Poe versus Lovecraft shirt, a “Weird Science” design shirt,

Desirée Lee has the same “Little Shop of Horrors” design, and the same Poe versus Lovecraft design. She also has another Edgar Allen Poe shirt design in which Poe is lying his head on his desk, an empty wine bottle, and a wine glass with just a bit of wine left in it next to him. Poe is lamenting “Nevermore…” on the shirt.

Scott Harper



The above photo was taken by Desirée Lee when we picked up the anniversary Blu-ray releases of “Ghostbusters” and “Ghostbusters II”. Those who know me at all know that “Ghostbusters is my all-time favorite movie. It was released in 1984; I was 9-years-old at the time. From the moment I first saw it, I’ve been a hardcore fan of the “Ghostbusters” franchise.

Mr. Dan Aykroyd has been trying to get “Ghostbusters III” made for years. Now, word is floating around that “Ghostbusters III” will be a reboot, not a sequel. I’m very much not happy with that news. Sadly, we’ll never be able to see the original team together again in a live-action project because of the passing of Mr. Harold Ramis. Still, a passing-of-the-torch story in which one of more of the original Ghostbusters trains a new team or franchise group would have been perfectly acceptable to me. Shortly prior to the news of the reboot, Dan Aykroyd had said that he would like to see an entire “Ghostbusters Universe”, in which we’d see the Ghostbusters pasts, and futures as well. My guess is that the idea for that harkens back to his original concept for the first film, in which we would’ve seen multiple teams of Ghostbusters fighting paranormal creatures in different times, and different dimensions throughout the universe.


I’m an award-winning, bestselling author, as well as a die-hard “Ghostbusters” fan. As such, I would dearly love to be able to work on an official, canon “Ghostbusters” story. If anyone seeing this can make that happen, please get in touch with me. I’d be forever grateful. Working on a “Ghostbusters” project, be it film, TV, comic book, novel, video game, or anything else, would be a nearly lifelong dream come true.

Scott Harper


Early this morning I dreamed that I had been hired to write a novel that would be a combination Batman story, and a Ghostbusters story. As Desirée said when I told her, that would be a dream job for me. “Ghostbusters” is my all-time favorite film, and I’m also a huge Batman fan. Since waking up from that dream, my mind keeps wandering back to that concept, toying with plot ideas. Too bad I’ll probably never get the chance to actually write such a book!

Scott Harper

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