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“Winter’s Rite” – Review Snippets

Winters Rite Cover_02

“This is a tale of courage and determination and proves that heroes come in all sizes and ages.”

“I am not a lover of fantasy books but I enjoyed this one.”

“This book is full of all kinds of creatures but none of them are human.”

“There are goblins, elves, trolls, faeries and gnomes just to name a few. Some are kind creatures and others are cruel and violent.”

Grab your copy of “Winter’s Rite” here now!

Scott Harper

“Goblin’s Honor”

Some of my 30+ published short stories are on-line still and/or again. Here’s one called “Goblin’s Honor” for you to enjoy: This is another fantasy piece that was published a few years ago in an off-line magazine.

Scott Harper

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