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“Shallow Graves”

I just finished reading a horror book titled “Shallow Graves”. The book was written by Patrick Logan. It’s the first book is a series. I’ve only read “Shallow Graves” thus far. But…

I LOVED the book. If I were a film producer, I’d option the rights to this in a heartbeat. It has minimal locations, and a small cast. The only problems I see are that there would be a lot of outdoor filming. A lot of the outdoor scenes would be filmed during thunderstorms – sloppy, and muddy.

Still, I think it would be worth it. “Shallow Graves” is a terrific book. A film based on it would, I think, scare the socks off of the audience. If you’re a movie producer, and you’re reading this, please grab a copy of “Shallow Graves”, give it a read, and consider what I’ve said here. Please.

Scott Harper

“Protect Yourself: A Handbook for the Recognition of the Supernatural for Defensive Purposes” by Eldritch Thorn


Eldritch Thorn is a good friend whom I had the pleasure of meeting during the 14 years I lived in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Like me, he is an award-winning, bestselling author. He works in hardcore erotica, and pagan subjects. Check out his bestselling pagan self-help book “Protect Yourself: A Handbook for the Recognition of the Supernatural for Defensive Purposes” over on OmniLit and Smashwords for only $2.25!

Scott Harper


“Paranormal Witness”


I didn’t start watching the hit SyFy program “Paranormal Witness” until just before its fourth season began to air. I set the DVD to record all episodes of it so I could catch up on what I’ve missed over the prior three seasons. Most episodes that I’ve seen deal with hauntings/ghosts. But not all. I’ve also seen an episode devoted to a very famous UFO sighting/abduction case. And, part of an episode that I watched yesterday was devoted to something of great interest to me – a werewolf case.

Growing up, werewolves terrified me. I could cope easily with anything else – ghosts, vampires, demons, zombies (which I’ve never been much of a fan of) genetic mutants, etc. But werewolves would give me horrible nightmares. Now, I work with my wife on the hit werewolf webcomic “MoonWraith“, and have written some werewolf literature, too. At some point over the years I’ve gone from being horrified of lycanthropy to being fascinated by it.

The “Paranormal Witness” episode in question was Season 2 Episode 10. The first half of it was titled “The Cabin”. It happened in London, Ohio in 1981, or 1982. I grew up in Marysville, Ohio, which is only about half an hour’s drive from London, Ohio. When the events covered in that episode of “Paranormal Witness” took place, I’d have been 6 or 7-years-old. I was never aware of this case until watching that episode of “Paranormal Witness” yesterday. Had I know about those goings-on as a child, I might still be in therapy, given my extreme werewolf phobia while growing up!

Now, as a 40-year-old adult, I find the case of great interest – both on a personal level, and a professional one as a bestselling, award-winning author of horror, and the paranormal. I don’t want to give spoilers of the episode here, and take anything away from “Paranormal Witness”. So I’ll only say here that the case involved a young family, who lived in a fairly secluded place, surrounded by woods, being stalked for months by what may well have been a werewolf. What the husband and his friend were shown at the close of the case gave me serious chills!

Given my interest in topics such as this, I want to, once again, extend an invitation to anyone reading this to contact me with any such sightings/encounters of your own. It needn’t necessarily be a werewolf sighting, either. I’m interested in all areas of the paranormal, and cryptozoology. Please get in touch via the “Contact” page on my website.

Scott Harper

1st Article


A while back I posted here saying that I was going to be doing some writing for the website All About Occult. Well, my first article for them is on-line. Apparently it went up on the 4th of this month. I just now found that out. You can read that article here.

It might sound like an odd choice of topic for me, but I wanted to do something attention-grabbing for my first article for All About Occult. Hopefully that’s what it’s done. And, hopefully, it will help build awareness for this type of ghost sighting. If people witness this sort of event, hopefully they’ll know they’re not the first or only, and be more willing to report it.

Now that I know this first piece is up and on-line, I’ll begin working on my next article for All About Occult. I have a topic in mind, I just need to write the article for them. When it’s on-line, I’ll post a link here to it.

To continue these articles, I need topics. If there is a paranormal topic you’d like for me to cover for All About Occult, please write to me via the “Contact” page of my website, and let me know. If it’s something that hasn’t been done on the site already, or even if it’s a new angle, or information on a topic that’s already been covered, then we’re golden, and I can write the article.

Scott Harper

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