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“Covet Thy Neighbor”

Everyone remember months ago when I posted about the independent film called “Covet Thy Neighbor” by Tunnel 13 Films that was being filmed in this area? Desirée Lee and I had tiny background/extra roles in the film. Toddler Girl appeared in it, too, though we don’t normally allow photos of her out publicly. We made an exception this time so that she can say, when she’s older, that she appeared in a movie as a baby.

Tunnel 13 Films has now put “Covet Thy Neighbor” up on YouTube to be watched for free. Desirée Lee, Toddler Girl (Baby Girl back when this was filmed), and I appear briefly on-screen at about the 19-minute mark on the film. The entire film runs 34:02. Just before seeing us on-screen, you’ll notice our friend Haywood Macabre. He’s the one-armed guitar player. Yes, he’s very good at what he does!

A word of warning – This film is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It contains quite a bit of swearing, some nudity, violence, and drug use. Enjoy!

Scott Harper

Movie Extras

Yesterday evening Desirée Lee and I had the pleasure of joining our friend Haywood Macabre on-set of the new film “Covet Thy Neighbor”. Though we had only intended to show up to support Mr. Macabre, and watch as a scene he is in was filmed, Desirée and I wound up being extras in the scene as Mr. Macabre played his guitar in-scene. It was fun—the first time for Desirée or myself being in a movie, and getting to support a friend, and one of his latest projects.

Please keep watching for updates on “Covet Thy Neighbor”. Hopefully the tiny bit of film in which Desirée and I appear will make the final cut!

Scott Harper

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