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Partly as a result of the new book my wife Desirée Lee and I have coming out next, that being our sasquatch novel “Hidden Tribe“, I’m going to be writing some non-fiction articles for a sasquatch blog.

My first piece for them is well underway right now. Given my knowledge of the subject, I truly hadn’t expected this first one to be as research-intensive as it’s turned out to be! The topic of this first article, and probably most of the others I write for them, will focus on sasquatch throughout history. The reason for that choice of topic is explained in the piece I’m working on for them right now. As soon as the first article is up, I’ll get a link to it up on this blog/website.

Scott Harper

Out For Review


Well, work has wrapped up on the final round of edits for “Hidden Tribe“. “Hidden Tribe” being, of course, the sasquatch novel that Desirée Lee and I have been so hard at work on for the past while.

All along the plan has been to get some reviews on the book from people in the sasquatch research community. The plan is to include those reviews, at least in part, in the book when it goes to print. Currently, “Hidden Tribe” is out to some names that we think all of you will instantly recognize. When those reviews come in, a publication date for “Hidden Tribe” can be figured out.

If anyone out there in my fanbase is involved with the sasquatch research community, and would like the chance to do an advance review on “Hidden Tribe”, too, please let me know via the “Contact” page of my website.

Scott Harper

Short Preview – “Hidden Tribe”


As you all know, one of the books that Desirée Lee and I are currently co-authoring is our sasquatch novel, “Hidden Tribe“. It’s undergoing final edits right now. The following is a short preview – the opening five paragraphs – of the book.

Iktomi crouched low to the ground, his massive bulk hidden behind the wide trunk of a broken pine tree, and clusters of ferns. He remained motionless, rendering himself all but invisible, listening.
The dual sounds of the deer’s racing hooves in the clutter of vegetation, and its pounding heart, told Iktomi the exact location of the prey. Mingled with the noises of the deer’s panic were the footfalls of Toylona, as she gave chase through the dense forest.
At precisely the right moment, Iktomi leapt from cover, relieving his mate, and taking over the pursuit. He bristled his hair from head to foot, adding perceived size to his already considerable largeness. The deer bleated its terror and dismay, angling away from Iktomi as he lunged.
Exhausted though it may have been, the deer sprang forward, charging away, struggling to increase the distance between them. Iktomi refused to allow the prey to escape. The healthy young buck would feed Iktomi, Toylona, and their offspring for two or three days. He gave chase, using his long, powerful legs to their maximum advantage.
When the deer’s zigzag path took it around several trees which forced Iktomi to slow his pursuit, he inhaled deeply. Lungs filled with air, Iktomi jumped clear of the trees, bellowing. His chest vibrated with the combined force of the roar, and the infrasound underlay.

Scott Harper

Brief RPG Update

Yesterday I brought up the topic of dwarves as a race in the fantasy genre. That reminded me that I haven’t said anything here for a while about the RPG that Desirée Lee and I have in the works. It’s one of several projects that we’re co-authoring at the same time.

Sorry to say, it’s pretty much been put on hold – again. Desirée and I each have solo projects in various stages of completion. Some of those are in edits right now. We also have our co-authored sasquatch novel “Hidden Tribe” in edits. We’re keeping up with our hit werewolf horror webcomic “MoonWraith“, too. In case you missed the post regarding “MoonWraith” earlier this week, we’re over 150,000 hits on the webcomic now. She and I are also the parents of a healthy, active 2-year-old girl. Our daughter is a full-time job by herself! And, the virus we caught is still being an issue, too. Our daughter seems to be having a relapse of it. And I’ve never quite gotten over it to begin with.

Hopefully, someday soon, we can get back to serious work on the RPG. We want to. We’re both excited about the project. But it’s still a long, long way from being ready to release. Other things, much closer to being ready, keep taking our time.

But, while I’m talking about the RPG, I have a question for all of you. We keep debating on the best central core for the game. We keep wavering back and forth between the Fate core system, as was used in the “Dresden Files RPG”, or the more standard d20 dice system. Both variations have their pros and cons. Which would all of you rather see us use in the RPG? Please let us know!

Scott Harper

New “Ravenesque” Ideas

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the “Ravenesque” project here. “Ravenesque” originally began as an on-going, low/no budget web-series concept. From there, it evolved into an on-going,bi-monthly comic book. However, that never went beyond a script for the first issue, and a few pieces of concept artwork from a couple of potential artists.

Now, Desirée Lee and I have taken the ideas for “Ravenesque” to a different platform. We’re planning to do with it what we’re doing with “Warder”. That is to say that “Raveneque” will be a series of urban fantasy novellas. And there are new ideas in the mix, now, too. These ideas will add to the richness of Ravenesque’s world, and take the character and settings in directions we had never even thought of before.

The catch?

I’m not sure when work will actually begin on the first “Ravenesque” novella. Hopefully soon. But, at the moment, we’re going through final edits on “Hidden Tribe“. “Warder: Changing Guard” is also in edits. We’re also keeping up with out hit webcomic “MoonWraith“. We have other projects in various stages of completion, too – both solo works, and co-authored books. And, most of all, we’re parents of a healthy, active 2-year-old girl. She’s a full-time job in, and of herself!

Still, with luck, work on the first novella in the “Ravenesque” series can start before too long. I’m very excited about it – especially with the new ideas and directions! – and eager to start the first draft of that.

Keep watching for updates, please!

Scott Harper

They’re Back


Edits have come back for the new book Desirée Lee and I are co-authoring. That project is called “Hidden Tribe“. That’s the sasquatch novel, for those of you who haven’t heard. We’re working our way through those at the present.

I haven’t been saying a whole lot here on this site/blog about the particulars of “Hidden Tribe”. In this business, which is highly competitive, theft of ideas is always a problem. Desirée, and I have both had that happen to each of us in the past. So, we try to be very cautious about that now. But, as we’ve been talking about one certain aspect of “Hidden Tribe” in person for a few weeks now when asked about it, I’ll blab it here, too:

“Hidden Tribe” isn’t a typical sasquatch-themed book. The entire story is told exclusively from the point of view of the sasquatch. We have two point of view characters in the book – a male and a female sasquatch. They’re a mated pair. We switched the point of view back and forth between them as the story’s needs dictated.

There are some other surprises planned in connection with “Hidden Tribe” that we think will really excite our fans. But, we’re keeping publicly quiet about those – for now. Keep watching; I’ll spill more of the proverbial beans here when the time is right!

Scott Harper

“Newsweek” Sasquatch


Who else has picked up their copy of the special edition of “Newsweek” that’s devoted entirely to sasquatch? I haven’t had time to read the entire issue yet, but we made sure to grab a copy. As you all know, due to experiences with at least one sasquatch that I had while growing up in Ohio, the topic is one of extreme interest for me.

Our thanks to Mr. Cliff Barackman for sharing news of this issue’s release on his Facebook page recently. Had he not done that, this might have slipped by without our notice.

My wife and I also have a book in the works dealing with that subject. It’s called “Hidden TribeHidden Tribe“, and is currently in edits.

Scott Harper


The phone call interview I’ve mentioned on this blog/site recently would have happened today. But, our daughter has a Thanksgiving event going on at her school today. Which means the call had to be postponed. It’s to happen next Tuesday – one week from today. I’m being told now that it’ll be a preliminary to the actual Q&A.

This isn’t a job interview. It concerns the sasquatch sightings/encounters I had in Ohio while growing up. This will also serve as some advance promo to the new book my wife and I have in edits – “Hidden Tribe”.

Scott Harper

Telephone Interview


Yesterday I was asked to partake in a telephone interview sometime in the near future. I agreed. The subject of the interview is to be my experiences and encounters with the sasquatch that took place in Ohio. As yet, I don’t know when this call will take place. Hopefully it will happen soon. When I can, I’ll share the interview here.

In addition to helping the sasquatch research community, this should also make for some good promotion for the book that Desirée Lee and I currently have in edits – “Hidden Tribe“.

Scott Harper

Writing Plans

Hidden Tribe” is in edits. Yesterday afternoon I wrapped up the outline for the new Wendy Markland short story, “It Isn’t Paranoia”, that will appear in the Umbral Press re-release of the first Wendy Markland novel, “Predators or Prey?”.

At first, my plan had been to go straight from the outlining of “It Isn’t Paranoia”, and into the first draft of the story. But, it’ll be a little awhile, from the looks of things, before that’s needed. And I’ve been really, really itching to start work on the first draft of the first “Warder” novel.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, or ignoring my blog, “Warder” began life as a comic book project several years ago. Given the difficulties we keep running into even trying to get a comic book project off the ground, and then building sales for the series once it is up, and going, plans for “Warder” have changed. Rather than an on-going, bi-monthly comic book series, “Warder” will now be a series of novels. Maybe a mixture of novels, and novellas. The first book in the series will cover the events that had been planned for the first story of the comic book series. That would’ve been a 3-issue story arc. As I’ll be working from the scripts for those issues, for all intents and purposes, the first “Warder” novel is already outlined. So are parts of Book 2, and Book 3 of the series.

Originally, the first three issues of the comic were one story. Issue #4 was a contained story. Issue #5 was the same. Issue #6 kicked off another multi-issue arc. Those first six issues are scripted. They’ve been sitting here, waiting, for several years now.

The revised plan for the series of “Warder” novels is, currently, to use the first three scripts as the basis for Book 1. The Issue #3 stand-alone story will be blended with the story that Issue #6 of the comic would have kicked off, absorbed into those events. And the stand-alone that had been planned for Issue #4, which would have set up for future events, will be covered in Book 3, along with the chain of events that issue would have set into motion.

So, that’s where we are right now. Thank you all for accompanying me on this journey, and for the support. I wouldn’t be here if not for all of you!

Scott Harper

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