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Since changing the look of my blog, the list of tags forces readers to do quite a bit of scrolling from one post to the next. Is this a problem? Or does everyone like this new blog design? Please let me know.

Scott Harper

“Warder” Comic Book Project Available

Nearly a year and a half ago, Dark Horse Comics answered a query for “Warder” that I had sent to them for a comic book project titled “Warder”. I submitted the requested material to them. To date, I’ve not heard a word back from Dark Horse on the project. Just yesterday I realized how long it had been! I can only assume they decided that “Warder” didn’t fit with the company.


“Warder” is officially up for grabs for comic book publishers again. I’m going to begin shopping it around. If you’re interested in seeing material from it, please get in touch via the “Contact” page on my website. To give you some information about the project…


The series follows the adventures of 19-year-old Kayley Enid. After paying a visit to an aged wizard by the name of Abenzio, in the hopes of talking him into accepting her as his apprentice, she is rejected by him. Seeking a way to change his mind, Kayley accidently unlocks the doorway to a nether dimension known as the Nought. Millions of Dark Faerie had been banished to the Nought centuries prior. Since then one wizard has stood guard over the doorway, protecting it, and ensuring that it does not open. This wizard is known as the Warder. Abenzio is the current Warder. As he lays dying, too injured by the escaping Dark Faerie to live, he passes his power and title on to Kayley Enid, marking her as the new Warder, leaving her to carry on in his place. Currently, there is a series bible and the first six issues of this on-going series written.

Again, anyone interested in reviewing material for “Warder”, please contact me using the information on the “Contact” page on my website. The same goes for anyone interested in doing artwork on the project, or for those of you who know someone looking for a project of this type. I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper

Blogs Versus Social Networks

There are times when I post something on this blog, but nowhere else. There are times when I post something on a social networking site and nowhere else. There are times when I post the same bit of news everywhere I can.

People have told me, via my Facebook fan page, that if I want them to see a post, I need to put it on Facebook. They say they’ll read it there, but won’t visit a blog or website to stay updated. Others like having news updated posted in several places. As with most other things, it’s purely subjective to personal opinion. There’s no making everyone happy.

Do you prefer to get your news updates on authors and their current works-in-progress via social networking, blogs, or does it matter to you?

Scott Harper

Upcoming Book Signing

Desirée Lee and I had an invitation to do a book signing extended to us yesterday. We accepted. Once we have an exact date to provide, we’ll release more information on this. Stay tuned!

Scott Harper

Contest Ideas?

I’m thinking of running a promo contest for my website/blog. Does anyone have any suggestions they’d like to share?

Scott Harper

Amazon Affiliate

I have set up an affiliate account with Amazon. Now, whenever you purchase one of my books via the Amazon link on my website, I’ll be getting a few cents from Amazon on top of the royalties for the sale of the book. My affiliate ID is officwebsio0a-20, so tacking that onto anything else you buy will credit me with the affiliate sale as well. This is one more way of using my writing to help support my family.Please keep in that in mind while shopping, and thank you.

Scott Harper

Site Changes

My website is slowly undergoing some changes and updates. HTML is a total mystery to me. Desirée is being kind enough to take a bit of time here and there to work on the needed updates, though. Thank you, Desirée!

Scott Harper

20% Off

20% off your next order from Lulu! Use the discount code GLOW.

Now is the perfect time to grab original paperback copies of my first three novels—”Winters Rite”, “Well Wishes” and “Gauntlet”.

This offer ends June 7th at 11:59 PM.

Winters Rite Cover_02

Scott Harper

June 1st, 2013 Interview—”Authors of the Free World”

Nick LeVar recently took the time from his busy schedule to conduct an interview with me. He has posted that Q & A on his new website, “Authors of the Free World”. Here it is:

Scott Harper

“Atlantis Quest”—”Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

The latest article Desirée Lee and I have done for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” is now on-line. It can be found at:

Scott Harper

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