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Like most people, I liked watching horror movies while I was growing up. Also like most people, I had one specific monster type that really freaked me out. I could handle vampires, ghosts, demons, genetic mutants, rampaging extra-terrestrials, and everything else you could through at me – with the exception of werewolves.

For some reason, werewolves scared me – badly! I don’t know what it was about them. But nothing got to me like a werewolf. What made it really bad was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I saw the werewolf killed. That’s how most werewolf films end. So, terrified of the werewolf through I might have been, I’d have to sit through the entire movie to see the monster meet its demise at the end if I wanted to sleep.

Luckily, over time, I outgrew that fear of werewolves. Not that I’d want to meet one in full-change; especially at night! Now, I’m the guy writing the werewolves. Two of my books that are unavailable at the moment have used at least one werewolf in each. Plus, Desirée Lee  and I have the hit werewolf webcomic, “MoonWraith“, running. How did I go from being terrified to werewolves to writing about them? I’m still trying to figure that one out myself! I guess it’s some form of therapy. Do other writers end up taking things they were afraid of as children, and writing about them, too?

Scott Harper



Desirée Lee and I want to thank each and every one of you for the on-going, and amazing support of our werewolf horror webcomic “MoonWraith“. We have surpassed 180,000 hits on it now!

Scott Harper

Howl Out Cast – Update


Not too long ago I posted about a werewolf-themed podcast that was to do a bit regarding the hit webcomic “MoonWraith“, by Desirée Lee and myself. Due to circumstances beyond our control, that hasn’t happened yet. But it’s supposed to. Soon, too. And things will be better than the host simply telling listeners a bit about the webcomic. How much better? Desirée and I should be on the air with the host in a podcast soon to talk about “MoonWraith”. Cool, huh? Keep watching for updates!

Scott Harper

6th Article


You all know by now that I’m a contributing writer for the paranormal news website All About Occult. It’s been a while between my 5th and 6th articles. The site changed servers not long ago. I waited until it was up and running on the new server before submitting my newest piece for them. That article is now live. See it here. This one talks about a time when I used to work with a guy who claimed to be a lycanthrope, and my thoughts about his claims.

As always, to continue writing new articles for All About Occult, I need ideas for topics. So, if anyone has a paranormal topic you would like to see me cover in an All About Occult article, please let me know. If it’s a topic that has not been covered on the site, I can do it. If it’s a new angle, or even just new information regarding something that has already been covered for the site, then it’s still fair game. Please contact me via my website with suggestions.

Scott Harper

Mature Audiences Only—”MoonWraith”


Sorry to jump back to another “MoonWraith” post after doing so many of them recently. I feel that this one is needed, though. Desirée Lee and I have no wish to offend anyone with our work. It happens with all writers, but it isn’t intentional—we want people to enjoy our work, not be bothered by it. Still, “MoonWraith”, the hit webcomic that we write, and in all other ways produce, has that affect on some people.

“MoonWraith” is, as we have said repeatedly in the past, for mature audiences only. “MoonWraith” deals with werewolves. As a result, the webcomic is often violent. And there is sometimes nudity in it, as well. There’s actually a prolonged nude scene playing out in the webcomic right now. As most times only one page of the comic per week is posted, on Mondays, to be exact, it can take a while to get through a single scene sometimes. Because of this, what might only be two or three pages at a time involving nudity can last for two or three weeks. So, it can sometimes seem that “MoonWraith” is full of nudity, when it’s really only a scene here and there. Same goes for the violence. “MoonWraith” is character-driven. But, given the situations Kizzy Faw is dealing with in the story, realistically, there is violence and nudity. Given time, as the plot develops more, expect there to also be some sexual situations playing out in the webcomic.

We’ve said it before, but should reiterate it—”MoonWraith” is a mature-audiences webcomic. It contains violence and nudity. The comic probably isn’t safe for work. It certainly isn’t meant for children. Adults only, please, and enjoy at!

Scott Harper


My wonderful wife Desiree Lee and myself have, for a little while now, been running the hit webcomic titled “MoonWraith“. Just over 100 pages are on-line. A new page goes live each Monday, something we refer to as “MoonWraith” Mondays. We want to thank everyone who regularly visits the webcomic. “MoonWraith” sees a great deal of steady traffic – not only on Mondays, when the new pages goes up,  but every day of the week. Your support of “MoonWraith” has been – and continues to be – incredible. Thank you all.

Do in part to this steady flow of traffic, and on-going interest in the webcomic, “MoonWraith” is currently being considered by an Executive Producer as either a feature film, or its originally-intended television series concept. Please wish us luck on that. Seeing a “MoonWraith” feature film, or TV series would be fantastic! We hope you all think so, too.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “MoonWraith” yet, the series is set in Medieval Europe. It’s a character drama, which is set against the backdrop of a war between humans and werewolves. There aren’t really any good guys, or bad guys. Each side is just trying to survive. Unfortunately, what each side needs to survive harms the other. Our protagonist is a young woman named Kizzy Faw. She’s a Seer, sent by the king to use her gift to help uncover a fabled talisman called the MoonWraith. This talisman was used centuries prior to create the werewolf race. The king hopes that, if it can be found, the MoonWraith can be used to rid Europe of the werewolves. However, on her way, Kizzy suffers a head injury which has robbed her – for the moment, at least – of her gift of the Sight. Now, Kizzy is on the front lines of the war, bereft of the one reason she was sent there. Meanwhile, things aren’t smooth on the werewolf side of the equation, either.

If you’ve been reading “MoonWraith”, thank you. If you’ve subscribed to the webcomic, thank you even more. If you haven’t subscribed, please do so. If you haven’t read it, please do so. Be warned, however – “MoonWraith” is intended for mature audiences. It gets violent at times, and there is frequent nudity. Eventually, when the plot progresses enough, there will be some sexual situations depicted in the series, too.

Again, we thank you all for your continued support of “MoonWraith”!

Scott Harper

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