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Lately, I keep thinking back over my publishing credits, and thinking about the various projects I’ve worked on over the years. At first, I kept trying to get a novel published. That book was “Winter’s Rite”, which I first began as the final assignment of the course on children’s literature that I took years ago. Frustrated at not being able to get “Winter’s Rite” into print, I turned my attention to short stories. My first-ever piece of published work was a short story titled “Faerie Bloom”. That was, I think, in the summer of 2002.

Now, I have over thirty short stories published, along with nine books of varying length. Those projects have led me into screenwriting, too. My long-time love of the hobby of comic books has led me into work in that field, too. These things have been a mix of work I’ve been hired to do, and creator-owned projects.

One question I get asked a lot is where my ideas come from. People want to know what inspired a given book, short story, comic book story, or movie. Looking back, I’m sorry to have to say that I honestly don’t remember where most of the inspiration for my past work came from. A few I do, but not most.

Would fans and readers like for me to start including blurbs about the inspiration for a given piece of work for current and future projects here as I announce them? Please let me know!

Scott Harper

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