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A couple of years ago Desiree Lee and I dropped our TV service in favor of Netflix. So, if a show isn’t on Netflix, and we don’t see advertising for it somewhere else, things that would be of interest to us slip by us once in a while. This is the case with the Animal Planet show “Mermaids“. Fiction or not, it got us both to doing a lot of thinking – both in general terms, and along the lines of projects she and I are currently writing individually. This thinking has spurred this post – and the idea for a possible new, non-fiction, project.

Has anyone out there reading this post has a sighting of a creature or being they would classify as a mer-creature? I hesitate to simply say “mermaid”, because that would only indicate the female of such a species. “Merman” would only indicate the male of such a species. So, I’ll say “merfolk” for the duration of this post. And any others I post here in the future on this topic. If you have had such a sighting, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page on my website. I’d be very interested in hearing from you. Please don’t waste my time, or your own, with jokes. I’m not interested. This request is for serious eye-witness sightings. If I get enough of a response to this post, I’ll talk more about the potential non-fiction project I have in mind. If not, I won’t bother due to perceived lack of interest.

Scott Harper

“Protect Yourself: A Handbook for the Recognition of the Supernatural for Defensive Purposes”—Celebrate Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner. Spend the holiday learning about ghosts, zombies, merfolk, werewolves, psychic shielding, vampires and more. Read “Protect Yourself: A Handbook for the Recognition of the Supernatural for Defensive Purposes” by my friend Eldritch Thorn:

Scott Harper

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