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“Mirror’s Image”


My previously-published short stories are all on-line again. Today I’d like to share one with you called “Mirror’s Image“. Please click on the title to go to the story, and check it out.

“Mirror’s Image” is something I wrote years ago. It’s intended for teen and YA readers. The idea for it was sparked by reading several cases of supernatural entities using mirrors as portals, or gateways, to our world. Basically, three siblings unwittingly unleash an evil creature from an old mirror they find in the attic of their grandmother’s house.

At the time, this short story was one of the longest – if not the longest – project I’d written. That record, of course, has been shattered several times over. Still, it felt like a major undertaking at the time. Normally, I don’t outline short stories; I just sit and write them, already knowing where I want the plot to go. “Mirror’s Image” was one of the few times I outlined a short story. Writing the outline was harder than writing the actual rough draft! That’s usually what happens for me. If the outline is easy, the first draft of the manuscript is difficult. If the outline is difficult, then the rough draft goes smoothly.

Scott Harper

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