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A year ago I first started talking here about a project that my wife – bestselling, award-winning author Desirée Lee – and myself hope to do with the amazing musical talent Mr. Tom Smith. We still hope that project will happen. Mr. Smith still wants to do the film. He still likes the ideas we’ve put before him. However, doing a screenplay based on a musician’s song is new territory for us, and Mr. Smith. We had hoped to begin moving on this film project once our new book, “Hidden Tribe“, had wrapped up. “Hidden Tribe” is currently in edits. Currently, Mr. Smith is exploring the legal issues, and red tape, involved with the project we want to do. Business is business. Both we, and he, need to be protected. So, hopefully this project comes together soon. Please keep watching for updates!

Scott Harper


I’m the bestselling, award-winning author of 30+ published short stories, eight novels, and one novella. My wife Desirée Lee, and myself write, and create the hit mature audience werewolf horror webcomic “MoonWraith”. I’ve also done other comic book work, and branched out into screenplays.

Also, I’m Wiccan, and have made a study and practice of magick. Years of my life have also been devoted to the study of, and dealing with, various aspects of the supernatural, and cryptozoology.

I’d be willing and able to work in the capacity of a consultant in any of the above topics, or fields. That goes for research projects, books, or practical applications. Please just contact me via my website. I have no doubt that we can work out a fair fee for my time and energies. I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper


Recently I talked a bit here about how a director had begun reading the movie script for “Dart“. He likes the project, and is very interested. “Dart” would be a fairly low-budget film to make. The director is interested in trying crowdfunding to gain the needed funds for this. However, when I’ve tried crowdfunding in the past I’ve not had any luck with it at all. Can anyone reading this help make such a page a success for us in the event the director does try that route on this project? Suggestions? Comments?

Scott Harper



I have a bit of good news to share. I’ve mentioned before here about several screenplays that I’m trying to find homes for. One of those is an action script titled “Dart“. A director is now reading over that script. Should anything happen on this front, I’ll report what I can, when I can, here on this site/blog.

Wish me luck, please!

Scott Harper



As I’ve mentioned on this blog/website before – especially in this post a few months back – “Ghostbusters” is my all-time favorite movie. It might sound strange to say that a comedy changed my life. But “Ghostbusters” introduced me to the paranormal. Since then, I’ve made a serious study of the supernatural, and become a bestselling, award-winning paranormal/fantasy author. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without “Ghostbusters”. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who was involved in the making of that incredible movie.

Now, sadly, “Ghostbusters” is being given a “reboot”. I’m very, very unhappy about that. A passing-of-the-torch film I could have accepted. But a reboot/remake? No. It’s heartbreaking to me to even think about it. Let this post stand as my official protest against that project. I’m not a fan of remakes/reboots to begin with. Honestly, the only remake I’ve seen that I consider better than the original would be the 1986 version of “Little Shop of Horrors“. I’ve seen the original 1960 version of the film. In fact, we have it here on DVD as part of a classic horror film collection. The 1986 remake is vastly better! But that’s the only exception that comes to mind.

Hollywood, please, please, please stop with the remakes and reboots! Stop messing with classic, great films, and turning them into CGI drivel with no plots, and toilet humor! Give us original material worth watching, not a terrible rehash of what was once a great movie.

Scott Harper


We’ve heard back from Mr. Tom Smith – the musician we hope to work with on the screenplay project. He’s still interested. So, hopefully, this project will still happen. If it does, this script will be based upon one of Mr. Smith’s songs. Please keep watching for news, and updates!

Scott Harper


Confluence“, the science fiction comic book by myself and Desirée Lee, is going on hiatus. We do plan to pick up with it again, but honestly don’t know when. As you all know, we’re currently hard at work on the new novel. This is the sasquatch book project that still doesn’t have a title. After that, if things go right, we’ll be embarking on the screenplay that I’ve mentioned here before. That’s the one we’ll be working with the very talented musician Mr. Tom Smith on. In the middle of all of this, we’re still trying to work on the RPG book. And a book for authors. And keep up with “MoonWraith“. Plus we’re parents of a healthy, active, 20-month-old daughter.

In short, we’re busy. Something has to give.

Sadly, the response to “Confluence” hasn’t been what we hoped. As such, neither have sales. So, we’re setting this project aside for the time being. Again, we plan to come back to it when times allows. There’s just no time right now to devote ourselves to a project and schedule that isn’t giving us the needed return. Want us to get back to “Confluence” more quickly? Support the project by picking up your copies at the URL given at the start of this post.

Scott Harper

Advice, Please

A few years back I was working with an independent film director/producer/writer/actor. This person runs his own small film company. He had originally hired me to write one film for his company, then a second. After that we teamed up on some other projects. I had never done film work before, and my first contract with him specified that I wouldn’t get payment for that first project until it was made.

However, none of the projects I’d written for him, or that we’d worked on together, have been filmed due to his inability to acquire funding. Then, a year or so ago, I discovered that he was advertising a new project on-line. This project was the first film he’d hired me to write. He had teamed up with someone else, taken the ideas I created from the core idea he had given me when he first asked me to write the screenplay for him, changed the title and the character names, and was progressing with the project. He’s never said a word at all to me about this, despite cutting me out of it, and running with my ideas and material.

Any suggestions on what I should do? The “new” project is now listed in IMDB for a 2015 release. Do I have any recourse here, or am I just out of luck all the way around?

Scott Harper

“Predators or Prey?” Script on Stage32


Recently, I’ve begun listing the screenplays I’m trying to sell on a social networking site for the film industry. That site is called Stage32. Here’s the listing for “Predators or Prey?“. Please share this around for me. The more people who see it, the better.

Thank you!

Scott Harper

“Monster Lab” Script on Stage32


Recently, I’ve begun listing the screenplays I’m trying to sell on a social networking site for the film industry. That site is called Stage32. Here’s the listing for “Monster Lab“. Please share this around for me. The more people who see it, the better.

Thank you!

Scott Harper

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