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“Weird Al” Yankovic Concert


Over the weekend, Desirée Lee, and I took a trip up to Eugene, Oregon to see “Weird Al” Yankovic in concert. It was part of his “Mandatory World Tour”. While Desirée has been to many, many music concerts, this was my first one. It was a terrific show, too! Even with all of the concerts Desirée has been to see, she’s said several times that “Weird Al” puts on a better show than anyone she’s ever seen before. Neither of us will ever be able to look at a port-a-potty the same again, either! If you’ve seen the show, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, I don’t want to spoil it for you!

Our thanks to Mr. Yankovic, and everyone who helped to make the concert a reality. Our thanks, too, to all of the great staff from the diners we visited, and the motel at which we stayed!

Scott Harper


A year ago I first started talking here about a project that my wife – bestselling, award-winning author Desirée Lee – and myself hope to do with the amazing musical talent Mr. Tom Smith. We still hope that project will happen. Mr. Smith still wants to do the film. He still likes the ideas we’ve put before him. However, doing a screenplay based on a musician’s song is new territory for us, and Mr. Smith. We had hoped to begin moving on this film project once our new book, “Hidden Tribe“, had wrapped up. “Hidden Tribe” is currently in edits. Currently, Mr. Smith is exploring the legal issues, and red tape, involved with the project we want to do. Business is business. Both we, and he, need to be protected. So, hopefully this project comes together soon. Please keep watching for updates!

Scott Harper


We’ve heard back from Mr. Tom Smith – the musician we hope to work with on the screenplay project. He’s still interested. So, hopefully, this project will still happen. If it does, this script will be based upon one of Mr. Smith’s songs. Please keep watching for news, and updates!

Scott Harper

Project Updates

Writing isn’t a fast, or easy thing to do. Be it novels, or screenplays, it takes time to do it right. Still, the novel that Desirée Lee and I are currently co-authoring is moving along nicely. At the moment, we’re just over 21,000 words into it. This is the work of fiction involving sasquatch that I’ve mentioned a few times here before. This is the one that we’re trying to have out by this coming summer in order to take advantage of a couple of good promotional opportunities then.

Once this book is wrapped up, and if things go according to plan, we’ll then by embarking on a screenplay with the extremely talented musician Tom Smith. That project will be based on one of Mr. Smith’s songs. There’s also a very good chance that he’ll be scoring the music for the film.

And, this month’s issue of “Confluence” is also out. Find it, along with the first three issues, here.

Issue #6 of “MoonWraith” is just over halfway through. Issue #7 is complete, and ready to go. It’ll begin running on April 13th, and run until September 7th at the usual rate of one page per week – “MoonWraith” Mondays. Sadly, the potential producer who was interested in “MoonWaith” simply wasn’t able to work the project into his already busy schedule. Ultimately, he felt the need to turn the project down. On the up side, another potential producer is currently reviewing the material with an eye toward the original concept for “MoonWraith”; that being a television series. And Desirée and I are still talking to the people from HowlCon about appearing there in 2016 to promote “MoonWraith”.

During these things, Desirée and I continue to work here and there on the RPG I’ve mentioned here, too. We’re still fleshing out the lists of monsters and spells for that project. I’m also trying to forge ahead in the screenwriting course I’ve begun. As there’s no set timetable on that, it’s not of the utmost importance at the moment.

So, that’s where we are on things, project-wise, at the moment. I want to thank all of my fans and readers for your continued support. It means the world to me!

Scott Harper

More Tom Smith

Not too long ago I posted an entry on this blog regarding the very talented musician Tom Smith. In that post, I talked a bit about how I’d messaged him in the hopes of hearing back from him regarding a project I wanted to speak with him about. Well, guess what? It worked. Mr. Smith was kind enough to reply to me. We’ve exchanged a couple of messages regarding the project I have in mind. Nothing is set in the proverbial stone. But this is a start. Thank you, Mr. Smith, for taking the time to get in touch, and for your interest in what I have in mind.

For those of you not familiar with Tom Smith’s work, I highly recommend that you remedy that as soon as you can.Mr. Smith is a musical genius. His talents run across a very wide array of musical styles and genres. Want to know just how unique Tom Smith’s work is? The man once wrote a polka song about the Illuminati! I can’t think of anyone else who’s done that. So, please do yourselves a favor, and check out Mr. Smith’s work. He can be found at these URLs:

Again, please check out his work. You won’t be disappointed!

Scott Harper

Tom Smith

Recently, my wonderful wife Desiree Lee introduced me to the musical work of Mr. Tom Smith. The man is a genius – both at music, and comedy. As the tagline on Mr. Smith’s website says, “Music in every style…except dull”. He works in an array of musical styles. His songs run the spectrum from dark drama to comedy. One song of Mr. Smith’s that’s a particular earworm for me is called “The Ballad of Rupert“. I’ve told my wife a few times – and she agrees – that the song would make the basis of a great movie. I would love to write the project!

I’ve messaged Mr. Smith regarding this, but have yet to receive a reply. Thus this blog post. It’s my hope that this post will catch Mr. Smith’s attention if my message to him ended up being overlooked. I know he’s been busy touring. I can’t even imagine how hectic it is to be on the road, zipping from one city, and one performance, to another, to the next, and so on. So, if in the rush and hubbub my message was overlooked, hopefully Mr. Smith will somehow, someday, be made away of this post.

Mr. Smith – if that happens, and if you’re at all interested in the idea of my writing a screenplay based on your song “The Ballad of Rupert”, please get in touch with me via the contact form on my website.

For everyone else out there, especially those of you who haven’t discovered Mr. Smith’s music, I hope this post has made you more aware of his work. Check it out. You won’t be sorry. Mr. Smith is an amazing talent. Enjoy!

Scott Harper

Stevayo Interview—”Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

The newest “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” article by Desirée Lee and myself:

Scott Harper

Musician Haywood Macabre—”Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

Another recent “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” article by Desirée Lee:

Scott Harper

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