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#BookReviews Needed


Desirée Lee, and I are looking for reviews of our new book, “Hidden Tribe”. If you’re a book reviewer, and interested in giving this a read, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page of my website.

For fans who might have missed the buy links posted here before, I’ll share them again:

Amazon Kindle:

Sasquatch–they live peacefully in the forests, and woodlands. They want little, or nothing, to do with humans, and our civilization. As a whole, sasquatch are tranquil, quiet beings who live harmoniously with nature, and avoid us.

But what happens when humans refuse to return the favor?

Researcher Alexia Hollander is about to find out. When she ventures into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, seeking evidence of the elusive species, things quickly get out of hand. Another researcher deliberately gets in Alexia’s way. Campers, and hunters bumble in, adding their own disruptive presence to the quiet work that Alexia wants to perform.

With their home territory invaded by humans, a mated pair of sasquatch keep the intruders under close surveillance. They aren’t happy about the presence of the trespassers, and want them gone. Just how far will these normally restrained beings go to protect their family, and themselves? Alexia, and her unwanted companions are about to find out!

Scott Harper

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