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Vampire Corpses?


As I’ve talked about here before, being a bestselling author of, among other genres, horror and the paranormal I find articles such as this one very interesting. And, given the amount of traffic I see going to old posts involving such things – especially where vampires are concerned, I like to share things like this here.

What do you all think of that article?

Scott Harper



Is it just me, or have a lot of “vampire graves” been discovered recently? As a bestselling, award-winning author of horror, paranormal, and fantasy literature, I keep watch for this kind of news. It was fascinating to me even before I started to write. Now, it’s both personal interest, and work.

Here’s the newest such article of which I’m aware. Where the people buried in those graves vampires? I don’t know. But they do seem to have been treated as such.

Worldwide, there are beliefs of such creatures. Worldwide, there are myths, legends, and stories of them. Worldwide there are things said to ward against them, and/or kill them. Why would this be without some firm, concrete basis for such things?

People sometimes tell me, point blank, that there are no such things as vampires, werewolves, and other such creatures. However, I’ve witnessed too many things firsthand, been told too many other people’s firsthand accounts, and read still too many others, to completely dismiss anything out of hand. You may not believe in the supernatural. But there are more things out there than we know about. Even the things we do know about, I’m sure, are far more complex than anyone realizes. I’m not prepared to simply dismiss them as myth and fiction.

Scott Harper

ATTN: Paranormal News Feeds

My wife Desirée Lee, and myself are both critically-acclaimed, bestselling authors. Most of our work falls into the paranormal genre. Both of us have life-long interests in the supernatural, which has spurred us to do a lot of study in that area. Our work has required even more. Personal, first-hand experience has given us even more knowledge along those lines.

I would quite like to write for a paranormal news feed, or newsletter. If any such organizations out there see this blog post, and are looking for an experienced writer for some articles, please contact me. I have done a little non-fiction writing on supernatural topics before for the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency:

Scott Harper

Stay Tuned!

Legally, I can’t say anything right this moment. However, I should be starting to blab big news soon about, not one, but TWO projects.

Scott Harper

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