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Changing Plans

Desirée Lee and I are discussing something that will create a change of project plans. It’s actually something our fans might well like. Before, I’ve talked here about the comic book series we’re trying to get up and running – “Warder” and “Ravenesque”. As yet, we’ve been unable to find artists or art teams for those projects. And trying to keep up with two more bimonthly comic book projects may well end up being too much. There’s no time for everything now, and the only comic book projects we have running at the moment are “MoonWraith” and “Confluence“.

So, we’re giving some very serious thought to adapting “Ravenesque” and “Warder” to novels, or novellas. Either way, each would be a series. Presently, we have what had been planned as Issue #1 of “Ravenesque” scripted, and the first six issues of what had been planned for “Warder” scripted. Using that material alone, we could pen an epic “Warder” novel, or a few novellas.

Either way, it’ll be a while before we’re able to embark on such a thing. At the moment, we’re still hard at work on the sasquatch novel I’ve talked about. To take advantage of the promo opportunities this summer, that book needs to be finished, and published, within the next few months. As time allows, we’re fleshing out the bestiary and spell listings for the RPG we’re working on, too. The sasquatch novel is, of course, the top priority right now, though. And, of course, in the midst of those, we’re keeping up with both “Confluence” and “Warder”. And, as I’ve said here before, once the sasquatch novel is wrapped up, the next thing on our plate will be, assuming things work out, the screenplay we’ll be writing with the very talented musician Tom Smith.

All of that means that it’ll be a good year – maybe more – before we could really begin work on a “Warder” or “Ravenesque” book. Still, it would mean more novels coming form us, and fewer comic books. A lot of our fans seem to prefer that. So, in the end, that will likely be the way we’ll go. Nothing has been firmly, 100% decided yet. But expect, right now, anyway, for “Ravenesque” and “Warder” to make their debuts as purely written literature, rather than comic book projects.

Scott Harper

More Wendy Markland


A lot of my fans know me best for my Wendy Markland series of novels. Sadly, the three previously published books in that series – “Predators or Prey?”, “Necromancer”, and “Vindicated” – are currently unavailable since I parted ways with the publisher who put those out. I have the rights back on all three of those books. There are plans for those to be re-edited, and released under a different publishing label. It’s a slow process, though. Please be patient; we’ll get there.

Once those three are released again, I fully intend to continue the series. A fourth book is sitting here in rough draft form. Look for it to come along after the original three have been re-released. Once Book 4 is out, I still plan to go further. I have a lot of new material in mind. The comic book series, “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum”, is still up in the air. Unfortunately, that project is all but dead at this point. However, there are still faint glimmers of hope from time to time; nothing I’m at liberty to discuss here and now, though. If the comic series doesn’t happen, I’ll have story ideas I planned to do in it to adapt as novels, or short stories, too.

Long story short, I plan to keep working with Wendy Markland for a long time to come. There are plenty of adventures, and misadventures, in store for her. Again, please bear with me. I’m juggling several projects at the moment, one of which is on a deadline. I’ve also embarked on the screenwriting course I posted about recently. Not to mention that I’m a husband, and father, too. Thank you all for your patience, and understanding.

Scott Harper

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 950 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 16 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


The first draft of “Hero Life” is wrapped up. I’ve turned it over to my co-writer on this project. He’s the one who will be handling the sale of the script. Unless or until rewrites are requested by a producer for this project, my part in this is all wrapped up.

Now, I’m working on artwork for Issue #4 of “Confluence”. The script was written and edited while I was still finishing up my part of “Hero Life”. The first stage of art for the next issue of “Confluence” is well underway. Soon as Issue #4 of “Confluence” is done, and ready to go to print, I’ll switch over to get Issue #7 of “MoonWraith” done. It isn’t needed for a while, but after that it’ll be back to work on the sasquatch novel that Desirée Lee and i are working on. If Issue #7 of “MoonWraith” isn’t done first, I’ll have to break from the sasquatch novel to get that done. I’d rather get the “MoonWraith” issue out of the way first, and then just concentrate on the new book. If that project has been published by summer, we have a couple of unique promo opportunities for it.

So, that’s where things are just now. As I said in a recent post, thank you all for your patience while waiting on me to get away from comics and screenplays to get back to books. It’s been a while, but I should be back to a novel soon.

Scott Harper

Nearly Finished!


From time to time lately, I’ve been posting updates concerning “Hero Life”. That’s the new screenplay I’m co-writing. For anyone who missed those posts, “Hero Life” is a live-action, feature-length project. The plot revolves around a supernatural superhero. According to the contract, the first draft of “Hero Life” is to be wrapped up by the end of this month. We’re very much on track for that. I fully expect to be turning in the final few pages of this draft of the script next week. Please keep watching this blog and website for updates. I’ll say what I can, when I can. As has been said already, I’m co-writing this one with someone else. This isn’t solely my project. Because of that, I can’t blab too much about it. What’s said publicly right now needs to be agreed upon mutually.

Once “Hero Life” is wrapped up, I have some editing work to do. And some comic book work, in order to keep on track with “Confluence” and “MoonWraith“. Then it’ll be back to a novel. That’ll be nice. I miss writing novels. Lately, most of my time has gone into comic book project, and screenplays.

Scott Harper

Attention Authors!


Umbral Press, the publishing house that Desirée Lee and I own and run, is still seeking new material, and new authors. We publish fantasy, horror, steam punk, science fiction, and mystery. Any romance and/or erotica involved is up to the author. We are perfectly willing to publish any level of those, too, just as long as the main plot falls into one of the aforementioned genres. Please visit our website, and see our submissions via that tab.

We are also looking for qualified book editors to come to work for us. Please visit the Umbral Press site, and see the “Contact” page for information on editors. And, as stated above, we do publish varying degrees of romance and erotica. So, if you would like to come to work for us as a an editor, please let us know if you’re uncomfortable with reading such things. That way we’ll know not to assign anything to you that you won’t want to read.

We’re looking forward to hearing from new authors, and editors alike!

Scott Harper

Authors & Reviews


With the advent of on-line publishing, more and more people are turning out more and more literature. Some of it is quite good. Some of it is quite bad. More and more people are self-publishing. Self-publishing is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. I used the self-publishing company Lulu for my first three novels – “Winter’s Rite“, “Well Wishes“, and “Gauntlet“. Those books are still available on the site in paperback, and e-book editions. I’ve learned a huge amount about writing, editing, and publishing since writing those books. I’m sure anyone who has read them, and read my more recent work will see that. Writing is an ongoing learning process. But, that’s a post for another time. For this post I want to focus, briefly, on book reviews.

Given the rate at which new material is now being published, many people find it overwhelming. They turn to book reviews to tell them what to read. And what not to read. On a professional level, as a bestselling, award-winning author, I fully understand the need for book reviews in today’s market. They can be a powerful tool for book sales.

On the other hand, they can be just as powerful of a tool for damaging an author’s career in the wrong hands. Many authors are experiencing this. Someone has a personal grudge against them. What do they do? They leave horrid, scathing reviews of that author’s work anywhere they can. People see those reviews, and shy away from that author’s work due to them.

Another problem is people who are simply bad reviewers. I’ve run into this personally several times. People review a book, then leave poorly-written reviews, rife with spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors as reviews. A lot of people equate these poorly-written reviews directly with the author. They think that if the person who left the review writes so badly, then so must the author. And they shy away from the author’s work. Then there are also the book reviewers who will argue with other reviewers in their review of a book. That’s one of the most unprofessional things a reviewer can do. But it happens all the time. Again, I’ve seen it in reviews of my own work. Here again, even if the reviewer is leaving a good review, such unprofessionalism can actually hurt the author’s sales. Potential readers see reviews like that, and equate that unprofessionalism with the author, despite the author having had nothing at all to do with the review.

What it comes down to is that readers need to decide for themselves what to read. Please don’t let book reviews make the choice for you. If you’re curious about a book, please read it. It doesn’t matter if someone who reviewed the book didn’t like it, or why. You might love that book. Not everyone likes the same thing. Maybe the person who wrote the bad review simply didn’t like that type of book. If that’s the case, they should’ve have read and reviewed it to begin with. But they did. Again, that’s another ongoing problem with book reviewers. Make your own choices. Read what you want to read, no matter what other people are saying about a given book. You’ll be helping yourself, and you’ll be helping the author of that book.

Scott Harper

Wendy Markland


As I’ve stated in past posts on this blog/site, my Wendy Markland novels are, currently, off the market for reasons I don’t want to go into here. If you run across one of them somewhere for sale new, please let me know. They shouldn’t be wherever you found them; someone, somewhere has made a mistake if that happens. Those titles are:

“Predators or Prey?”



Hopefully those books will be re-edited, and re-released through a different publishing house.

Sadly, it looks as if all of the work that has gone into the comic book spin-off series has come to nothing. The publisher, who was just starting up by launching “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum”, seems to not be launching after all. The artist who was doing pencils, inks, and colors for the book also seem to have lost interest in the project. There’s been no word from either front for many months now. Messages from me to them have gone unanswered. So that, as they say, seems to be that for the comic book project. For the moment, anyway. I’ll just keep that in my back pocket. Maybe it can be pulled out, and developed someday in the future.

In the meantime, assuming the pre-existing Wendy Markland books named above are re-edited, and re-released as hoped for, Wendy Markland’s adventures will continue in novels. I have ideas for several more books. In addition, I have ideas for several stories that were going to be written for the comic book series. Since it doesn’t look as if that project will happen anytime soon, if ever, those ideas will probably be added to, and developed as full-length novels for the series. Or worked in with other ideas, adding to what I already had planned for future books in the series. Expect more Wendy Markland novellas and/or short stories, too. Some of those unused comic book story plots would be perfect for shorter fiction formats.

Scott Harper

Models And Photographs

In the past, I have been approached by photographers and photography models about doing photo shoots in which one or more of my books is used as a prop. I love that idea! So, if anyone reading this is a photographer – amateur or otherwise – or a photography model – again, amateur or otherwise – and would like to use one of more of my books as a prop in the shoot, please do so. All I ask in such a case is that you send me copies of any photos in which my book(s) appear so that I can share them on my website and blog. Consider it a form of mutual promotion.

For those of you who might not have seen all of my book covers, here they are, in order of publication for those still available. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently, four of my books are no longer available. Hopefully they will again eventually.

I’ll even take the time for a bit of blatant sales promo, and turn each image into a link to that book’s listing on in this post to make it easy for anyone who would care to buy a copy – for use in photography shoots, or just to read.

“Winter’s Rite”

Winters Rite Cover_02

“Well Wishes”

Well Wishes Cover_HUGE


Gauntlet Cover

“Quintana Roo, Yucatan” – This one is an award-winning, bestseller.


Those are the current paperbacks. Since I’m posting sales links here in this post, too, I’ll also include “Quagmire Fen”. It’s only available in e-book. So, you won’t be able to photograph, or pose, with a paperback in this case. Still, if someone wanted to pose with, or photograph, the cover image on the screen…

“Quagmire Fen”


That’s it – all of my currently available books. Have fun with them, and enjoy!

Scott Harper

Amazon Author Page

I’ve posted this on my site and WordPress blog before. But, it’s been a while.

Frequently, I’m asked if one or another of my books is available via The answer? Yes, it is. Here’s the link for my Amazon Author Page. Any of my currently available books are there. It’s one-stop shopping for anyone wishing to stock up on my books.

As stated above, all of my currently available books are listed there. “Predators or Prey?”, “Necromancer”, “Vindicated” (those three being the previously published Wendy Markland novels), and “Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects” aren’t supposed to be there. If you see a listing for any of those titles, someone, somewhere, has made a mistake. My hope is to get those four books re-edited, and released via a different publishing house. If and when that happens, they will, without a doubt, be available on Amazon again. That will also open the door for me to continue the Wendy Markland series, and release the other two-thirds of the “Shadow Castes” trilogy.

So, please visit my Amazon Author Page using the link given above. Have fun shopping, and have fun reading. Enjoy!

Scott Harper

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