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Basin Gaming

Predators or Prey Print Front Cover_Small

It’s been brought to my attention that Basin Gaming (1111 Main Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon) has a couple of copies of the out-of-print paperback edition of my first Wendy Markland book, “Predators or Prey?” in stock. So, if anyone is in the area, and wants to grab a copy, now is your chance!

“Predators or Prey?” will – hopefully! – be re-edited, and released under a different publishing label at some point in the future.

Scott Harper

Ancient Light


The Ancient Light store (145 N PACIFIC COAST Hwy, Waldport, Oregon) is now stocking autographed copies of “Hidden Tribe“! If you’re in the area, do yourself a favor, and check out this store. It’s fantastic!

Scott Harper

“Weird Al” Yankovic Concert


Over the weekend, Desirée Lee, and I took a trip up to Eugene, Oregon to see “Weird Al” Yankovic in concert. It was part of his “Mandatory World Tour”. While Desirée has been to many, many music concerts, this was my first one. It was a terrific show, too! Even with all of the concerts Desirée has been to see, she’s said several times that “Weird Al” puts on a better show than anyone she’s ever seen before. Neither of us will ever be able to look at a port-a-potty the same again, either! If you’ve seen the show, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, I don’t want to spoil it for you!

Our thanks to Mr. Yankovic, and everyone who helped to make the concert a reality. Our thanks, too, to all of the great staff from the diners we visited, and the motel at which we stayed!

Scott Harper

New Sasquatch Video

A friend of ours, the gentleman who runs the Bigtruth blog I’m currently doing some writing for, told Desirée Lee and I not too long ago that he had captured a sasquatch on video in the mountains not far from here. He took the video in southern Oregon.

As of yesterday afternoon, his video is on-line. It seems that he didn’t get footage and video of one sasquatch. He got two. And, if he’s right, they’re both big boys! Check out his video here!

So? What do you all think about that sasquatch video?

Scott Harper



A couple of months ago I talked a little here about the State of Jefferson, and why my wife and I are so in favor of it happening. Well, here we are, barely into May. And we’re under water restrictions. If anyone reading this is in a political position to help the State of Jefferson come into being as a reality, please do so.

Scott Harper

“Finding Bigfoot” – Last Night


Last night’s episode of “Finding Bigfoot” was indeed that one that Desirée Lee, and I attended the town hall meeting in Chiloquin, Oregon. We weren’t on-screen very much, but could be seen in several of the town hall meeting scenes scattered throughout the episode. Seeing us on TV like that was strange for me, to say the least! How many of you watched the episode, and saw us?

Anyone who missed it last night, but would like to see it, the title of the episode is “Squatching On Sacred Ground”. Watch your TV listings for Animal Planet for  a rerun of it.

Scott Harper

“Finding Bigfoot” This Week


It looks as if this week’s episode of “Finding Bigfoot” in the episode that Desirée Lee, and I attended the town hall meeting for. Unfortunately, time didn’t allow us – or anyone not of the local native tribes – to share any sightings accounts on-screen. Still, given where we were sitting during the taping, we ought to be visible on-screen throughout much of the town hall meeting scenes. That town hall meeting took place a bit north of here, in Chiloquin, Oregon. Check the episode out when it airs this Thursday night!

The photo was taken at the filming of the town hall meeting by a friend of ours. We didn’t even know he took the photo until the next day. Had we known he was taking it, we’d have posed with Matt Moneymaker for a picture, rather than this more candid shot!

Scott Harper

“Finding Bigfoot” Update


“Finding Bigfoot” returns with new episodes, kicked off with a 2-hour episode – on its new night beginning Thursday, March 31. This episode focuses on the Mount Shasta area, which is about 75 miles south of us here. From what we’ve heard, the episode that Desirée Lee and I should appear in – as live audience members – was the episode shot directly before the upcoming Mount Shasta episode. The show’s cast and crew filmed in Chiloquin, Oregon, and then headed south for Mount Shasta, California. The upcoming Mount Shasta episode probably isn’t the one we’ll appear in. We can’t say 100% for sure, though, given the close locals of what we expect would be two separate episodes. If this upcoming episode isn’t the one we’ll be seen in, “our” episode ought to air very shortly thereafter.

Scott Harper

State of Jefferson



Usually, I don’t touch politics on this blog/website. That’s because 1) it’s a touchy subject with a lot of people, and 2) it isn’t the point of this blog. However, given that this is a major election year, and that it’s raining here this morning – and the rain is to continue tonight, and tomorrow – I’ve been thinking about this subject. So, consider this another of the “About Me” posts that I get requests from fans for on a regular basis.

As you know, Desirée Lee and I live in the extreme northern part of California. We’re three miles from the state border with Oregon. Northern California, and southern Oregon may well break off into a 51st state someday – the State of Jefferson. A lot of people in this area truly, desperately, want to see that happen. Desirée Lee and I are among those who want to see Jefferson become a true reality, rather than simply existing in the minds of many people, and unofficial in any legal way.

One major reason for this – and why the rain we’re getting right now has made me start thinking of this again – is the water issue. This part of California gets a lot more rain than the southern parts of the state. California is a huge state. When people think of it, they typically think of Hollywood, the wine country, “Baywatch”-style beaches, surfing, and such. That’s mostly southern California. We’re in the fabled Pacific Northwest – sasquatch country. We have mountains, rolling hills, dense forests, lakes, rivers, agriculture – especially strawberry fields –  and other similar terrain. However, despite the rain, lakes, and rivers here, we are often in a water shortage. Why? That makes no sense, right? Thank you, California state government for that! A huge part of our clean, fresh water gets piped south so that the richer, higher populated, better-known areas of the state, which receive far less rain, will have plenty of water.

Should the State of Jefferson ever come to pass, this area will no longer be part of California. If California still wants our water, then they’ll have to buy if from Jefferson. Southern California dreads that idea, and doesn’t want Jefferson to ever come to be in large part due to that. A lot of us here in what might, one day, become Jefferson, want the 51st state to happen, in large part, due to that very issue of water. Jefferson has come fairly close to happening a few times, but has never gone through on a majority vote. Hopefully it will one day – the sooner the better, as far as a lot of us are concerned!

Want to learn more about the State of Jefferson? Check out the official site for the proposed 51st state right here.

By the way, the photo on this post is of Mount Shasta. That’s the peak. The flatter plateau next to is is Shastina. This is a view of those from the south. We live north of Shasta, so for us here the positioning of those are reversed. We’re about 75 miles away from Shasta. Run-off from snow melt there provides a lot of the water for this area. And, also, Shasta is an active volcano. Seeing a good snow-pack there to help keep it cooler is a very good thing!

Scott Harper

“Finding Bigfoot” – Oregon


For those of you who have been paying attention, you know that a few months ago my wife (Desirée Lee) and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend the town hall meeting for an episode of the hit Animal Planet television program “Finding Bigfoot“. That took place up in Chiloquin, Oregon.

When that episode airs, we’re pretty much guaranteed to be on-screen, given where we were sitting in the audience, and where the crew had people standing when they told their sightings stories. Most of the speakers were either directly beside, or directly behind us. At that filming, we were told that, tentatively, the episode would air in March. It looks as if this coming weekend’s episode is from Oregon. So, it might be “our” episode. As yet, we don’t know. But, I wanted to let you all have the heads-up – just in case!

Scott Harper

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