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Light, and what can be done with it, have always fascinated me. Holograms. Fiber optics. Anything glow-in-the-dark. Prisms. I find all of them captivating. My wife – best known to all of you as bestselling, award-winning author Desirée Lee – seems to find my fascination with such things amusing.

For years I’ve wanted to take up holography as a hobby. But, it’s very expensive to get into. And it takes up a lot of space to set up the equipment. In this house we bought in the summer of 2014 I might be able find the space. But the cost of the the start-up equipment is still a factor. Not to mention the high cost of the holographic plates. Hopefully some day…

Still, wanting to do something involving holography, I’ve researched holographic printers used for business cards and such other items. I’ve found them on the market. You can buy them for home or business use. But, again, they’re very expensive. I’ve seen a few houses listed on the market that cost less than a holographic printer! And the highly specialized rolls of film that the printers use also cost a bundle. These machines aren’t something someone buys strictly for their own use. They’re something that only a few select businesses would be shelling out the cash for.

While I was looking into these printers, Desirée and I were talking about how cool it would be if our business cards, promotional bookmarks, and other such items were holographic. They would certainly grab a lot of attention! But, given the high cost of the printers, and since we have no plans to go into business of printing for other people, such machines are beyond us at the moment.

Does anyone reading this post happen to have, have access to, or know someone with, one of these holographic printers? If so, what would the cost be for having batches of business cards, bookmarks, or other similar items printed for us? Please get in touch, and let us know.

Scott Harper

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