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“Gauntlet” Film Rights

Option the movie rights to my critically-acclaimed action/adventure novel “Gauntlet” – $3,000 for one year.

After stopping a robbery in progress, Elliott Cronholm is approached by someone wishing help him become a costumed vigilante crime-fighter. After refusing, his fiancée is attacked in their home by a stalker. In the wake of the attack, Elliott accepts the role he had been asked to play. While still learning the use of the costume and weapons he has been given, Elliott must track down and stop the first man put on the streets of the city by the same woman – a man with his own warped moral code who relishes killing the criminals he fights, a man who wishes to kill Elliott Cronholm as well, upon learning of Elliott’s new role.

“Shallow Graves”

I just finished reading a horror book titled “Shallow Graves”. The book was written by Patrick Logan. It’s the first book is a series. I’ve only read “Shallow Graves” thus far. But…

I LOVED the book. If I were a film producer, I’d option the rights to this in a heartbeat. It has minimal locations, and a small cast. The only problems I see are that there would be a lot of outdoor filming. A lot of the outdoor scenes would be filmed during thunderstorms – sloppy, and muddy.

Still, I think it would be worth it. “Shallow Graves” is a terrific book. A film based on it would, I think, scare the socks off of the audience. If you’re a movie producer, and you’re reading this, please grab a copy of “Shallow Graves”, give it a read, and consider what I’ve said here. Please.

Scott Harper

Advice, Please

A few years back I was working with an independent film director/producer/writer/actor. This person runs his own small film company. He had originally hired me to write one film for his company, then a second. After that we teamed up on some other projects. I had never done film work before, and my first contract with him specified that I wouldn’t get payment for that first project until it was made.

However, none of the projects I’d written for him, or that we’d worked on together, have been filmed due to his inability to acquire funding. Then, a year or so ago, I discovered that he was advertising a new project on-line. This project was the first film he’d hired me to write. He had teamed up with someone else, taken the ideas I created from the core idea he had given me when he first asked me to write the screenplay for him, changed the title and the character names, and was progressing with the project. He’s never said a word at all to me about this, despite cutting me out of it, and running with my ideas and material.

Any suggestions on what I should do? The “new” project is now listed in IMDB for a 2015 release. Do I have any recourse here, or am I just out of luck all the way around?

Scott Harper

Film Rights


I’m very interested in selling off the film rights to my existing literary projects. I’m most especially interested in selling the film rights to my bestselling, award-winning action/adventure book “Quintana Roo, Yucatan“.

This past summer, Desirée Lee and I bought a house. As anyone who owns their own home knows, owning a house is expensive. And there are some home repair and remodeling things we both want and need to do soon. We also live in the Pacific Northwest. Despite this being a warm, mild winter for this region, it’s still cold. Our electric bills have more than quadrupled since the onset of winter due to heating costs. Selling off the film rights to some books or short stories would help us out a lot.

Any interested studios or film makers, please contact me via the “Contact” section of my website.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper

A New “Hero Life” Update

Not too long ago, I made several mentions on this blog/website regarding a feature-length film I am co-writing. The title of the project is “Hero Life”. It’s a paranormal superhero story.

Well, as the project is being shopped around to potential producers, several have replied with some variation of, “Wow. This would be a great TV series!” So, we’re exploring that option for “Hero Life”, too. We’re open to selling it as either – a feature film, or a TV series. We have a draft of a pilot for the series, but are still refining it. Still, any producers who are looking for a paranormal superhero story – be it as an on-going TV series, or a feature film – please get in touch. I’ll put you in touch with my co-writer on “Hero Life”. He’s the one handling the sales end of this project. “Hero Life” is also his core idea. My part on this project has been helping to flesh things out, and co-write the material. You can reach me easily from the “Contact” page on my site.

Scott Harper

Still Not Producing


This is a topic I’ve covered here before, but it’s been a while. It’s been a few months, at least, I think. Despite my being involved in screenwriting, I’m not a film producer. It’s flattering when someone asks, but I’m not a producer. I’m a writer. I have the same difficulties with finding a home for screenplays as most other writers of films.

At one time I was going to co-produce a film, and was pretty vocal about that. Sadly, that entire project has fallen apart. Long story short, the person I was working with went behind my back,brought in someone else, and effectively tried to cut me out of that project entirely. I dropped him, along with several other projects he and I were working on together. So, I was going to take on a production role with that project, but it didn’t happen. I’d still like to have the experience of working as a film producer, but simply don’t have the resources at hand to take on more than a no-budget short film project at the moment. Maybe someday…

But, for now, I’m not a film producer. So, flattered as I am when people send me their scripts, asking me to produce them, I’m not in a position to do so. Yet.

Scott Harper

Paranormal Investigations TV Series Executive Producer Still Needed

We’re still seeking an executive producer for a unique paranormal investigations television series. I won’t give the premise in such a public place, but my wife and I assure you that our idea is original, and unlike anything that we currently know to be in production. We strongly feel that our unique take on this type of program will make for riveting, audience-grabbing viewing.

If you are an executive producer interested in this type of programming, please contact us. If you know someone who is an executive producer interested in this type of programming, please put them in touch with us. Again, I won’t give details on a public website/blog such as this. But, again, we can promise you something truly unique; something audiences have never seen before.

Since both my wife and I are bestselling paranormal authors, we have done, and continue to do, extensive research into topics that we’d like to cover on the show. Our expertise and credentials make us very uniquely-placed to create and host what we have in mind.

Scott Harper

Film Project Help Needed

Desirée Lee and I have hit new territory. A producer is asking for a project proposal and a detailed budget from us for a film project. Writing the project proposal isn’t a problem. But we need help with the budget. As stated, this is new territory for us; we don’t know how to estimate the various costs involved with making a movie well enough to write up a budget plan. Can anyone help us with this?

Scott Harper

Amazon Studios Reply—”Dark River Lords” Update


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but… Amazon Studios turned down “Dark River Lords”. The message from them was simple:

“Thank you again for creating your project, Dark River Lords, at Amazon Studios. The option and evaluation period is now over, and we have chosen not to exercise or extend our option on your project.

Since you submitted your original work privately, you may now either make it public, by clicking “Make project public” on your project page, or remove it from Amazon Studios, by clicking “Remove my project” on your project page. If you do neither within two weeks from the date of this email, you will no longer have the option to make it public, and it will automatically be removed from Amazon Studios. Please see our FAQ for more information about what it means to remove your private project from Amazon Studios.

We encourage you to keep your work available for public review at Amazon Studios, and wish you all the best with your project.


The Amazon Studios Cast and Crew ”

So, despite the fact that “Dark River Lords” ended its voting period with 350+ wins out of 370+ rounds of voting, Amazon Studios declined the project. They didn’t bother to explain why. I have zero clue what it takes to get them to option a project.

Anyway, “Dark River Lords” is, once again, up for grabs for any producer interested in optioning the project.

Logline: In this intense action/drama, when a princess is kidnapped by the king of a rival land, the captain of her personal guard will stop at nothing to secure her freedom.

Any producers out there interested in “Dark River Lords”, please get in touch with me.

Scott Harper

Next-To-Last-Day—”Dark River Lords” Update


“Dark River Lords” is maintaining the 90% win rate on the Amazon Studios Premise War—330 wins in 368 rounds of voting.

If you haven’t voted—or if you’d like to vote for “Dark River Lords” again—please go to and vote on the film’s premise. When you see the one for “Dark River Lords” come up, please click the button marked “This One Wins” for that project. If you’d like to quickly skip over any voting rounds until “Dark River Lords” pops up as a choice, simply use the “skip this battle” link.

Today is Day 44 of the 45-day voting period for “Dark River Lords”. Only today and tomorrow left to vote!

Scott Harper

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