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New Bookworm Bags


You may remember me talking here about Bookworm Bags before. The group was/is a free-to-join collective of authors helping each other out by distributing each others’ promo material.

Sadly, the woman who initially started Bookworm Bags had to walk away from running the group due to health reasons. My wife, known to you all as bestselling author Desirée Lee, and myself have taken the group over, started afresh.

Interested in learning more about the group, or joining us? Just visit Bookworm Bags!

Scott Harper


Several times people have suggested to me that a good method promotion at book signings would be to have a cosplayer with me, dressed up as a character from one of my novels. Sometimes people have suggested Wendy Markland – from my currently unavailable Wendy Markland series – would be perfect for this. Others have suggested one of the faerie beings from “Winter’s Rite” and “Well Wishes“.

What do you all think? Would something like that be a good idea?

Scott Harper

Ideas, Please


As you all know, my wife—bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee—and myself write, draw, letter, and in all other ways produce the hit webcomic “MoonWraith“. We’re always seeking new ways to promote the project. Currently, a producer is considering a film or TV series adaptation of “MoonWraith”, as the previous Option with another producer ultimately fell through. As “MoonWraith” was originally intended as a television series, seeing that happen would be fantastic beyond words! Still, we’re always looking for ways to draw more attention to the webcomic.

Recently, we were talking, and wondering what we could do during each full moon as a “MoonWraith” promo event. As “MoonWraith” is set during a war between humans and werewolves, neither of us can figure out why we didn’t think of this before! So, I’m posting this here to put the inquiry to all of my fans and readers—what would be some great ideas for a “MoonWraith”-centric event to do each full moon. Ideas, anyone? If so, please let me know via the “Contact” form of my website.

Scott Harper

Bookworm Bags

Desirée Lee and I are members of an author promo exchange group called Bookworm Bags. I’ve talked about this a bit before on this blog. But, it’s been quite a while, and I wanted to mention it again.

Basically, as stated above, Bookworm Bags is a group of authors who have joined together to promote each others’ work. Each author sends promo – business cards, bookmarks, magnets, ink pens, whatever – to all of the other authors in the group. Each author assembles these promo items into “goodie bags” with a printed Bookworm Bag label on them. These bags are passed out wherever the authors are able – signings, local bookstores, mailed out with contest prizes, etc. Everyone who receives a Bookwork Bag is receiving promo not only from the author who gave it to them, but for every single other author in the group. It’s authors helping authors to expand their readerships, and fan bases.

If you’re an author, please join us. We’d love to have you as part of the group! True, a large percentage of the group consists of romance authors. But you needn’t be a romance author to join. I’m not a romance author, and I’m a member. A few other members of the group are not – or haven’t been, as is the case for a few who have left the group – romance authors, either. Please, authors, check the group out. If you think Bookworm Bags would be a help to you, please join in. The more authors that join, the better off everyone in the group is due to the expanded range of promotion distribution by its members.

Scott Harper

Free Shipping!

Well Wishes Cover_HUGEFREE SHIPPING on your orders from Lulu between now and February 5th. Use the discount code 6MOREWEEKS.

This is the perfect time for you to snag a copy of “Winter’s Rite”, “Well Wishes”, or “Gauntlet”!

Scott Harper

Bookworm Bags

Desirée and I are members of an author promotion group called “Bookworm Bags”. Basically, authors on the group mail promo items to each other. That promo is put into “goodie bags” for giveaway. These bags are given out by everyone on the group. The more authors that partake in the group, the more each participating author’s promo items are handed out to potential readers. Any authors interested in joining the Bookworm Bags, please check out the site:

Scott Harper

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