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Another “Hidden Tribe” 5-Star Review!


Go here to see the latest 5-star review for “Hidden Tribe” – the newest release by Desiree Lee, and myself!

Scott Harper

1st Review – “Hidden Tribe”


The new novel by Desirée Lee, and myself is our sasquatch book “Hidden Tribe“. It has its first review:

“As a field researcher and investigator of over 25 years in the fields of cryptozoology, ufology and parapsychology, I am affiliated with many groups out there and I have spent my fair share of time searching for the elusive creature that we most commonly know as Bigfoot. Since I was a child I read every book I could get my hands on pertaining to the subject. I read a lot of nonfiction books but every once and a while I will read a novel on the subject if it is well written and based on facts. Hidden Tribe is just that.

     I recently read Hidden Tribe written by my gifted friend Scott Harper and his lovely, talented wife Desiree Lee. This booknot only held my interest but was written in a way that used documented factual information about the creatures to help tell the story and clearly shows tha tthe authors did their research and didn’t just follow the Hollywood cookiecutter image of a Bigfoot as a vicious monster loose in the countryside destroying everything and everyone in it’s path for no apparent reason.

     The story was different as it showed the perspective of the creatures themselves and depicted the very real conflict of researchers and individuals in the field who hold different views and values on whether the creature should be killed or not.I appreciate a different kind of storyline and approach to the subject and feel that the writers of the story did a wonderful job making the reader enthralled better educated on the subject at hand and anticipating what is on the next page throughout the read.

     I recommend this novel to anyone who likes a good tale and has an interest in the subject of Bigfoot. Keep up the great work Scott and Desiree and thank you both for depicting these mysterious creatures in a more serious and humanistic way. I can’t wait to see what you write next!”

Fortean researcher Thomas Lee Curtin Jr.

“Hidden Tribe”

Sasquatch—they live peacefully in the forests, and woodlands. They want little, or nothing, to do with humans, and our civilization. As a whole, sasquatch are tranquil, quiet beings who live harmoniously with nature, and avoid us.

But what happens when humans refuse to return the favor?

Researcher Alexia Hollander is about to find out. When she ventures into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, seeking evidence of the elusive species, things quickly get out of hand. Another researcher deliberately gets in Alexia’s way. Campers, and hunters bumble in, adding their own disruptive presence to the quiet work that Alexia wants to perform.

With their home territory invaded by humans, a mated pair of sasquatch keep the intruders under close surveillance. They aren’t happy about the presence of the trespassers, and want them gone. Just how far will these normally restrained beings go to protect their family, and themselves? Alexia, and her unwanted companions are about to find out!

Scott Harper

Reviews, Please

These days, authors need reviews. People look to those to help them decide whether or not to read a given book. Yet many people don’t want to take the time to leave a review.

So, I’m putting this out there to specifically ask all of my fans and readers to please do so. If you read a book – mine, or any other author’s – please take time to leave a review for it. Amazon. Goodreads. Wherever. The more reviews a book has, the better it’s apt to sell.

Quintana Roo, Yucatan” is an award-winning bestseller. Sadly, it’s bestseller status hasn’t yet happened on Amazon. But that book has only four reviews on Amazon. Yet I’ve seen books on Amazon with hundreds of reviews. Please help me out here, everyone. Please take the time to leave reviews of my work – especially if you’ve liked it. It would be a huge help to me.

Thank you.

Scott Harper

5-Star Review for “Quagmire Fen”


“Quagmire Fen” is my most recent release. It’s my ninth book, but my first novella. It has also just picked up another 5-star review:

“What a wonderful, delightful, magical, tale! We have here a sort of bayou- backwoods-rural fantasy, with multiverses, magical beings, and alternate dimensions! The villainous characters (Otis and Randal) qualify as some of the nastiest, meanest, wastes-of-lives I’ve read; but the Good characters are precious, and heartwarming. There is hope in the swamp (and even in the city!)

If you like your paranormal with a flair of sci fi, and your romance with a flavor of paranormal–well, come right over here; have I got the tale for you!

A kind gift of the author provided me with a copy in return for my fair-and unpaid-review.”

That review can be found on Amazon, Goodreads, and other places.

Grab your copy of “Quagmire Fen” here—

Scott Harper

“Last Chance upon a Murder” on “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

Book review of Desirée Lee’s “Last Chance upon a Murder” on “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”.

Scott Harper

“Man of Steel” Review—”Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

The day before the public release of “Man of Steel”, the latest Superman movie, Desirée and I were to attend an advance release screening for the film. Our review is now on-line as part of our writings for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”. It can be found at

Scott Harper

Theater Etiquette

Desirée Lee and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend a pre-screening of the new Superman movie, “Man of Steel”, yesterday evening. While Desirée has been able to see several films in theaters before those movies were open to the general public, “Man of Steel” was my first time for that. While we both wanted to see the film, the real reason we were there was work. Both Desirée and myself are writers for the website “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”. We attended the advance showing of “Man of Steel” in order to have a review on the Nuclear Winter website today—the day of the film’s general release. I’ll be posting a blog announcing when the review is up. It has been written and submitted to Nuclear Winter for review. Much as I truly loved “Man of Steel”, the entire theater experience would have been so much better if the people around us would have been more courteous.

Several people whipped out cell phones around us, and started texting a few times. Older children and young teens kept getting up, walking out, and coming back in with fresh drinks and popcorn—the same few over and over and over and over and over—walking directly in front of us, blocking the screen. These same children had taken seats a few rows away from their parents, and kept getting up even more to go back and talk to them.

Another issue was with the smaller children. Yes, “Man of Steel” is a Superman film. It’s also rated PG-13, and for good reason. Read the review of the film that Desirée and I wrote for more on that. Parts of the film caused Desirée to tear up a bit. One part of the film was so intense and dramatic that I simply went into shock and cried a little. Again, the film is PG-13 for a reason! That rating means a film isn’t suitable for small children. Young children shouldn’t be in the theater for a PG-13 film. Know what happens? The same thing that happened during “Man of Steel” last night—the young children are overwhelmed by what they’re seeing on screen. They freak out. They cry. They shriek. They disturb everyone around them who is trying to enjoy the movie.

Please pay attention to theater etiquette when you go to a movie:

-Keep you cell phone OFF.

-Don’t talk.

-Be in your seat BEFORE the movie starts.

-Once the film has started, STAY IN YOUR SEAT until the film has ended if that’s at all possible.

-Don’t take children to films with ratings inappropriate to their ages.

All of these bits of etiquette were violated numerous times during “Man of Steel” last night. This is why I’m not often to be found in the theater for a film. Please use some common sense, and allow everyone else around you to enjoy the movie.

Thank you.

Scott Harper

Tag List

Since changing the look of my blog, the list of tags forces readers to do quite a bit of scrolling from one post to the next. Is this a problem? Or does everyone like this new blog design? Please let me know.

Scott Harper

“Warder” Comic Book Project Available

Nearly a year and a half ago, Dark Horse Comics answered a query for “Warder” that I had sent to them for a comic book project titled “Warder”. I submitted the requested material to them. To date, I’ve not heard a word back from Dark Horse on the project. Just yesterday I realized how long it had been! I can only assume they decided that “Warder” didn’t fit with the company.


“Warder” is officially up for grabs for comic book publishers again. I’m going to begin shopping it around. If you’re interested in seeing material from it, please get in touch via the “Contact” page on my website. To give you some information about the project…


The series follows the adventures of 19-year-old Kayley Enid. After paying a visit to an aged wizard by the name of Abenzio, in the hopes of talking him into accepting her as his apprentice, she is rejected by him. Seeking a way to change his mind, Kayley accidently unlocks the doorway to a nether dimension known as the Nought. Millions of Dark Faerie had been banished to the Nought centuries prior. Since then one wizard has stood guard over the doorway, protecting it, and ensuring that it does not open. This wizard is known as the Warder. Abenzio is the current Warder. As he lays dying, too injured by the escaping Dark Faerie to live, he passes his power and title on to Kayley Enid, marking her as the new Warder, leaving her to carry on in his place. Currently, there is a series bible and the first six issues of this on-going series written.

Again, anyone interested in reviewing material for “Warder”, please contact me using the information on the “Contact” page on my website. The same goes for anyone interested in doing artwork on the project, or for those of you who know someone looking for a project of this type. I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper

Blogs Versus Social Networks

There are times when I post something on this blog, but nowhere else. There are times when I post something on a social networking site and nowhere else. There are times when I post the same bit of news everywhere I can.

People have told me, via my Facebook fan page, that if I want them to see a post, I need to put it on Facebook. They say they’ll read it there, but won’t visit a blog or website to stay updated. Others like having news updated posted in several places. As with most other things, it’s purely subjective to personal opinion. There’s no making everyone happy.

Do you prefer to get your news updates on authors and their current works-in-progress via social networking, blogs, or does it matter to you?

Scott Harper

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