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100% Off Topic

This post is, as the subject says, 100% off topic for this blog. Still, it’s important to me to post it here for the added exposure it’ll give to a sideline my wife is involved with. My wife, known to you all of bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee, is also a sale rep for the company Jewelry In Candles. Please check out her on-line JIC store here.

Jewelry In Candles has excellent products. They’re very high quality across the board. Over the coming months, they’re raising the bar even higher. To learn more about them, again, please check out my wife’s on-line Jewelry In Candles store here.

Checking out her store will also help you to become a sale rep for Jewelry In Candles yourself, if you’d be so inclined. To learn more about that, just click on the “Become a Rep” link on the homepage of my wife’s store site

After several months of being a sales rep for Jewelry In Candles, my wife is still very excited and enthusiastic about the company, and their products. She has a blast working as a sales rep for them. Her work for them is far more fun than work.

Scott Harper

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