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Screenwriting Course

Very recently Desirée Lee stumbled upon a great deal for me. She found a limited-time special on a on-line screenwriting course. The course is usually almost $700.00. She bought it for me far, far, far less expensively. Things are set up, and I’ve begun the course today.

I’ve posted here in the not too distance pass about how writing in an on-going learning process. Here’s proof of it! There’s no set timeline for this course. I’ll be working on it as time allows between other things – being a husband and father, working on the sasquatch novel that Desirée and I are co-authoring, and everything else.

Speaking of the sasquatch novel, which still lacks a title, we’re moving right along on that!

Scott Harper

Nearly Finished!


From time to time lately, I’ve been posting updates concerning “Hero Life”. That’s the new screenplay I’m co-writing. For anyone who missed those posts, “Hero Life” is a live-action, feature-length project. The plot revolves around a supernatural superhero. According to the contract, the first draft of “Hero Life” is to be wrapped up by the end of this month. We’re very much on track for that. I fully expect to be turning in the final few pages of this draft of the script next week. Please keep watching this blog and website for updates. I’ll say what I can, when I can. As has been said already, I’m co-writing this one with someone else. This isn’t solely my project. Because of that, I can’t blab too much about it. What’s said publicly right now needs to be agreed upon mutually.

Once “Hero Life” is wrapped up, I have some editing work to do. And some comic book work, in order to keep on track with “Confluence” and “MoonWraith“. Then it’ll be back to a novel. That’ll be nice. I miss writing novels. Lately, most of my time has gone into comic book project, and screenplays.

Scott Harper



I’ve been a fan of the TV series “Supernatural” since it began back in 2005. When I first saw previews for it, I was curious. I wanted to check it out. But, it was airing at the same time as “House”. I recorded the pilot episode, thinking that “Supernatural” would have to be really good for me to juggle two shows on two different networks in the same time slot. At the time, I was addicted to “House”, and didn’t want to miss a single second. After watching the “Supernatural” pilot, I was hooked. And I juggle the two shows for the rest of the time it and “House” were on at the same time.

Fast-forward to today. We’re nine episodes into the 10th season of “Supernatural”. Wow. 10 seasons is an impressive run for any show. But for a show that was originally designed to only run for three seasons? That should tell anyone who has never watched “Supernatural” just how amazing the show is.

The network had planned a spin-off of “Supernatural” starting this season. The name kept changing. But the last I heard, it was to have been called “Supernatural: Bloodlines”. An episode in Season 9 was titled “Bloodlines”. It was to have essentially served as a pilot for the spin-off. From what I’ve read, test audiences didn’t react well to the spin-off. So, it was canned without ever hitting the airwaves. I’m fine with that. Honestly, the Season 9 episode “Bloodlines” did nothing for me. I didn’t care about any of the new characters. The only moment of the entire episode that really grabbed my interest was the final scene of that episode. It served as a cliff-hanger ending that would have, presumably, been played out in the spin-off show. Maybe “Supernatural” can revisit that for one more episode, and wrap that up. If not, oh well. I’m don’t care enough about the involved spin-off character to be upset if they don’t.

Again, from what I’ve read, the CW hasn’t given up on the idea of a spin-off. That spin-off just won’t be “Supernatural: Bloodlines”.

The eighth episode of this season was called “Hibbing 911”. It brought back two supporting characters from past episodes. Both of these characters are female sheriffs. One was “in the know” about the things Dean and Sam Winchester – the show’s main characters – deal with. The other wasn’t, until “Hibbing 911”. Trying not to drop spoilers here… By the end of the episode, both female sheriff characters had gotten close, and pitched in to help the Winchester brothers deal with the episode’s threat.

“Hibbing 911” had the feel of a spin-off set-up to me. This is a “Supernatural” spin-off that I could get behind! I like both of the supporting characters in question. They play well off each other, being different enough for tension and comic relief, yet meshing well enough to work with each other easily to get the job done. I can see them becoming surrogate sisters to each other in time.

Please let this my official request to the CW network – Please let “Hibbing 911” be the basis of the “Supernatural” spin-off. And please bring me aboard as a writer on the series, I’m a bestselling, award-winning author. Most of my work falls into the fantasy, and paranormal genres. I have screenwriting, and comic book writing experience. And I’ve seen every episode of “Supernatural” to date at least once. I’ve been an avid fan since the pilot. So, here’s a bestselling, award-winning author who writes screenplays, and comic books, too, and is very familiar with the source materiel for the wanted “Supernatural” spin-off.

Scott Harper

Still Not Producing


This is a topic I’ve covered here before, but it’s been a while. It’s been a few months, at least, I think. Despite my being involved in screenwriting, I’m not a film producer. It’s flattering when someone asks, but I’m not a producer. I’m a writer. I have the same difficulties with finding a home for screenplays as most other writers of films.

At one time I was going to co-produce a film, and was pretty vocal about that. Sadly, that entire project has fallen apart. Long story short, the person I was working with went behind my back,brought in someone else, and effectively tried to cut me out of that project entirely. I dropped him, along with several other projects he and I were working on together. So, I was going to take on a production role with that project, but it didn’t happen. I’d still like to have the experience of working as a film producer, but simply don’t have the resources at hand to take on more than a no-budget short film project at the moment. Maybe someday…

But, for now, I’m not a film producer. So, flattered as I am when people send me their scripts, asking me to produce them, I’m not in a position to do so. Yet.

Scott Harper

ATTN: Warner Bros.


As you all well know by this time, I’m a huge comic book fan. I’m a non-repentant fanboy of the DC Comics Universe ( DCU ). You can’t imagine how thrilled I am right now with the amount of DCU-based television and film projects that are either currently on the air, or in development. We have “Arrow” and “The Flash” on the CW Network, with “iZombie” – a comic book I haven’t read – coming soon. Fox is airing “Gotham”. NBC has “Constantine”. CBS is rumored to have a “Supergirl” series in the works.

Any the movies! We have “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” due out in 2016, “Wonder Woman”, “Justice League”, a “Green Lantern” reboot, “The Flash”, “Aquaman”, “Shazam”, and several others in various stages of development right now, too, including new solo Batman and Superman films. I plan to be in the theater for each of those I’ve listed here. I can’t wait!

As a bestselling, award-winning writer of books, comic books and screenplays, and a fan of the DCU, I would love, love, love to work on a DCU-based project. Be it an actual DCU comic book title, a novel based on a character, or a TV or film project. I’ve posted on this blog before regarding a “Green Lantern” sequel, and my desire to work on an “Aquaman” project. I would link back to the “Green Lantern” post, but that was regarding an article I had written for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” when I was a contributing writer for them. That site is now defunct, and the article linked to in the aforementioned post is, like the rest of the site, gone.

Batman is my primary DCU character. I have story ideas involving him that I’d like to write. Since the launching of DC’s New 52, I’ve become almost as big of an Aquaman fan, too, and want very much to work on an “Aquaman” project. As DC and Warner Bros. don’t seem to have too much faith in that character, maybe they’d be willing to allow me a shot at that?

What do you say, DC Comics, and Warner Bros.? Here I stand, or sit, to be fully truthful – a bestselling, award-winning writer of books, comics, and screenplays, as well as a DCU fan, asking you flat-out to give me a shot at a DCU-based project. Comic? A novel? TV show? Film? Your choice, guys! Please let me hear from you!

Scott Harper

“Hero Life” Update


As you all know by now, I’m co-writing a new live-action, feature-length screenplay. It’s called “Hero Life”. As I’ve said before about the project, for those of you who may have missed it when I posted about it here, “Hero Life” has a plot that revolves around a paranormal superhero. Contractually, the script for “Hero Life” is to be completed by the end of next month.

Currently, we’re seventy-five pages into the script. We’re building toward the climax. At this point, things are certainly on track for wrapping up this script by the end of December. Luckily for me, my co-writer will be coping with the sales aspects of this project. That frees me up to leap into the next project on my proverbial plate once “Hero Life” is wrapped up.

Working on “Hero Life” is a lot of fun, though. It’s a great story, with interesting characters. Once the film is made, there will be some very interesting visuals, too. This is a project that I think all of you will enjoy.

Scott Harper

“Dart”—Screenplay Available


Logline: Porter Harwood is a comic book artist who suffers from Graves Disease. When he undergoes an experimental treatment, every muscle in his body alters, becoming the quick, darting muscles of the type that control the human eye—the fastest muscles in the human body. He uses his abilities to fight crime.

“Dart” is a feature-length screenplay. My intent is that it be filmed as live-action, but it ought to work well as a CGI film, also. The budget for “Dart” shouldn’t be anything too very lavish. There would be some effects needed for Porter’s speed powers when he uses them. Also, there is a nightclub that is seen several times throughout the film. Those scenes would either require custom sets, or custom decorating of an existing nightclub for those scenes. And there is a large warehouse explosion very near the end of the movie.

A draft of the “Dart” script is available for option or sale. If anyone is interested in reviewing it, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page on my website. “Dart” has undergone several rewrites through a number of drafts over the past six years since I first began work on this project.

One of the villains in the film is a man named Dillon Whittenbeck. That role was originally written with Mr. Michael Winslow in mind for it. That came about after a friend who has had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Mr. Winslow told me that, given how much he’s known for comedy roles, Mr. Winslow wanted to “play a bad guy, and kill someone on-screen”. Even given the time that has gone by since I first wrote the Dillon Whittenbeck role with Mr. Winslow in mind, I would still very much like to see him in the role if possible.

I look forward to hearing from interested parties about this project,

Scott Harper

“Dark River Lords”—Screenplay Available


Logline: In this intense action/drama, a man undertakes a harrowing quest to defeat the tyrant king of a rival land.

“Dark River Lords” is a feature-length screenplay. The project is intended to be live-action, but would also work well as a CGI film. As a live-action project, the budget would be extensive, requiring custom-built warships, and replicas of ancient real-world weapons of war devices. There would probably also be a need for contained, controlled river sets for some of the locations in the film, as well as extensive outdoor shooting. The outdoor scenes would be a combination of daytime and nighttime shots.

The tone of “Dark River Lords” is serious action/drama. There is also a romance woven throughout which is key to the film’s plot, and the unveiling of events.

A draft of the “Dark River Lords” script is available for option or sale. If anyone is interested in reviewing it, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page on my website.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Scott Harper


Web-series are quickly growing in popularity. They range anywhere from seconds-long, up to several minutes per episode. Their budgets range from no-budget camp, up to some fairly impressive, very professional-appearing end results. A few times in the past I’ve been in the process of getting a web-series up and running with someone. Sadly, each of those projects ultimately fell apart before they began. Some the reasons for that had to do with casting problems. Some with financing issues. Other times it ended up being something I’m not even going to go into here. Suffice to say that I don’t like it when a business partner screws me over on projects!

Anyway, I like the idea of working on a web-series. Especially if there would be money to be made from such a thing. I’m not trying to sound mercenary, here, but I am married, and we do have a child. Money is needed to pay the bills. If anyone is putting together a new web-series project that you think I’d be a good fit for, or has one running already, and you’d like me to come aboard the project, please get in touch. I have an idea for a web-series that I think would be very good, also. What I have in mind could go either way on funding – very little to the sky’s the limit.

I really would like to work on a web-series project at some point.

Scott Harper

New Film

A few times lately, I’ve mentioned a new film project that I’m going to be working on. The contract is signed. As I write this blog post, I’m only waiting on my copy of the contract to arrive in the mail. Soon as that happens, work on the script can begin. Eager as I am to get going on the script right now, it’s better, for several reasons, to wait until the contract is in hand before doing that.

Also, as I’ve said before, I’m unable, or at least unwilling, to say much about the new film project at the moment. Once work is underway, I’ll post what I can, when I can. For this project I’ll be working with someone else. The story was created by someone else. I don’t want to blab their ideas, or even the title, without their permission. For now, I just want to make my fans and readers away of what I’m doing – as much as I can within the constraints given above – and let you all know that I have you in mind. I never forget about my fans!

Please keep watching my website and blog for updates. Hopefully I’ll be able to start saying more about this new film project in the very near future.

Scott Harper

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