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What Are You Reading?

As an author – a bestselling, award-winning one at that – I’m a very avid reader. Many times in the past I’ve met other authors who tell me they don’t read. My reaction is typically some variation of “WHAT?!?” at those times. I’ve never understood that. How can you write books, yet not read books? It makes no sense to me at all. None. Zero.

I read. I read a lot. It’s a hobby that’s turned into work. How, you might be wondering, can I consider sitting and reading novels that I used to read for pleasure and/or distraction from daily life as being work? Simple. I’m an author. I write. When I read, I’m not just reading; I’m studying. I study the works of other authors to try and become better at my chosen craft. I look at things such as how other authors plot out their stories, characterization, and other details. With that in mind, I truly can’t understand how someone can be an author, and yet not read.

Currently, I’m reading “Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us” by John Green. Desirée Lee and I picked up a copy of that during our recent trip down to Willow Creek. That book is being read for several reason – pleasure, intense personal interest in the topic due to my own past experiences with at least one sasquatch, and as research for a novel involving sasquatch that Desirée and I currently have in the works.

I’m also reading a trilogy by one of my favorite authors – Mr. Terry Brooks. I’m reading “The Dark Legacy of Shannara” trilogy. Yes, I know, I’ve fallen a bit behind. I only recently got my hands on those three books. I’m through Book 1, and am nearly halfway through Book 2. I’m reading this trilogy for a mix of pleasure – I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Terry Brooks’s work since I first discovered it when I was in middle school – and for the studying talked about above.

So, those of you reading this post, I ask you, author or not – what are you reading? I’m always curious to know what else my fans and readers read.

Scott Harper

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