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New Sasquatch Sighting

As you all know, Desirée Lee and I lived in the Tampa Bay area of Florida for years. She was there for 11, and I lived there for 14.

Florida has more sasquatch sightings than a lot of people tend to think. Down there they’re typically known as Skunk Apes. Sasquatch in the southern part of the United States tend to be different than those here in the Pacific Northwest. In the southern part of the country, they tend to be smaller, and leaner, with sparser hair, and ill temperaments. In that area, you also see a good number of footprints with odd numbers of toes – four toes are very common, sometimes even three, or only two. It’s almost as if there’s a subspecies of sasquatch in that part of the country.

This morning, I found out about a sighting that took place about half an hour or so from where I lived when in Florida. Desirée lived much closer to this location than I did. Here’s the video:

The timing is good on this since Desirée and I are hard at work on our sasquatch novel. This would’ve grabbed our attention anyway, but, given the timing, it was certain to.

Scott Harper

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