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“Solomon Kane”


I remember seeing previews for the film “Solomon Kane” when it first came out. I had thought it was a more recent film. It was a surprise to realize it had been released in 2009. Anyway, I’d never seen the movie, but had been curious about it when it came out. Several months ago it was on TV. I recorded it on the DVR, but hadn’t taken the time to watch it until this morning.

As with many things, I started to watch “Solomon Kane” because I wanted to watch it. But it became a work exercise. As you all know, I’m Wiccan. So the general anti-pagan/pro-christian themes of the film didn’t sit well with me at all. In fact, due to those points, I wouldn’t have even watched the whole movie if other things hadn’t well and truly grabbed and held my interest. The movie was a nice blend of drama, character-development, action/adventure, and fantasy. There were several elements in it that sparked ideas for future “Warder” stories. Some of those things would be for brand new plot elements. Others are things that will dovetail quite nicely with other things I already have planned.

And, as a writer, I thoroughly enjoyed the fine example of story plotting evident in “Solomon Kane”. The film’s story unfolded very nicely, at a good, steady pace. There were some twists involved, too – not all of which I saw coming! Purely on that level alone, I would recommend to any writer – be it of literature, film, or comic books – to watch this movie as an example of good plotting, and storytelling.

Scott Harper

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