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A couple of months ago I talked a little here about the State of Jefferson, and why my wife and I are so in favor of it happening. Well, here we are, barely into May. And we’re under water restrictions. If anyone reading this is in a political position to help the State of Jefferson come into being as a reality, please do so.

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State of Jefferson



Usually, I don’t touch politics on this blog/website. That’s because 1) it’s a touchy subject with a lot of people, and 2) it isn’t the point of this blog. However, given that this is a major election year, and that it’s raining here this morning – and the rain is to continue tonight, and tomorrow – I’ve been thinking about this subject. So, consider this another of the “About Me” posts that I get requests from fans for on a regular basis.

As you know, Desirée Lee and I live in the extreme northern part of California. We’re three miles from the state border with Oregon. Northern California, and southern Oregon may well break off into a 51st state someday – the State of Jefferson. A lot of people in this area truly, desperately, want to see that happen. Desirée Lee and I are among those who want to see Jefferson become a true reality, rather than simply existing in the minds of many people, and unofficial in any legal way.

One major reason for this – and why the rain we’re getting right now has made me start thinking of this again – is the water issue. This part of California gets a lot more rain than the southern parts of the state. California is a huge state. When people think of it, they typically think of Hollywood, the wine country, “Baywatch”-style beaches, surfing, and such. That’s mostly southern California. We’re in the fabled Pacific Northwest – sasquatch country. We have mountains, rolling hills, dense forests, lakes, rivers, agriculture – especially strawberry fields –  and other similar terrain. However, despite the rain, lakes, and rivers here, we are often in a water shortage. Why? That makes no sense, right? Thank you, California state government for that! A huge part of our clean, fresh water gets piped south so that the richer, higher populated, better-known areas of the state, which receive far less rain, will have plenty of water.

Should the State of Jefferson ever come to pass, this area will no longer be part of California. If California still wants our water, then they’ll have to buy if from Jefferson. Southern California dreads that idea, and doesn’t want Jefferson to ever come to be in large part due to that. A lot of us here in what might, one day, become Jefferson, want the 51st state to happen, in large part, due to that very issue of water. Jefferson has come fairly close to happening a few times, but has never gone through on a majority vote. Hopefully it will one day – the sooner the better, as far as a lot of us are concerned!

Want to learn more about the State of Jefferson? Check out the official site for the proposed 51st state right here.

By the way, the photo on this post is of Mount Shasta. That’s the peak. The flatter plateau next to is is Shastina. This is a view of those from the south. We live north of Shasta, so for us here the positioning of those are reversed. We’re about 75 miles away from Shasta. Run-off from snow melt there provides a lot of the water for this area. And, also, Shasta is an active volcano. Seeing a good snow-pack there to help keep it cooler is a very good thing!

Scott Harper

Town Hall Meeting


Yesterday, Desirée Lee found out that the cast and crew of the hit Animal Planet series “Finding Bigfoot” will be filming not too terribly far from where we live in a couple of weeks. Anyone familiar with the show knows of the town hall meetings. Well, on the 16th of this month, one such meeting will be held up in Chiloquin, Oregon. See the article about it here. We’re making plans to attend. With us there, there’s a chance we’ll end up on-screen in the episode when it airs. Keep watching this blog/website for updates as this progresses.

As you all know, Desirée and I have a book in edits right now called “Hidden Tribe“. That book is a work of fiction, but it’s inspired in large part by real-life events surrounding at least one sasquatch I encountered while growing up in central Ohio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with those accounts, you can see a post here that went on-line several years ago listing them.

We are also members of a local sasquatch research group called State of Jefferson Sasquatch Research. If anyone has any sasquatch accounts, especially ones taking place in northern California or southern Oregon, please get in touch with me regarding those.

Scott Harper

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