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Reposting—E-book Piracy

Over the past several years piracy has moved from music to TV/film and now to e-books. E-book sales are outselling traditional print books nearly every sales quarter now. Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other e-readers are everywhere we look these days. And, as with any technology, there are people who have figured out a way to warp it for their own means.

E-book piracy has become a problem plaguing every publisher and author these days, it seems. Ways have been found to “unlock” e-books, removing copyright and other information. These illegal e-books are then traded around, or put on file sharing sites. Thousands upon thousands of these stolen books are downloaded on a regular basis.

Here are some article which delve deeper into the issue:

Piracy isn’t a new problem, but e-book piracy is a newer slant on the old practice. It’s something that every author and publisher should be aware of. These illegal practices cost everyone involved in the creative and sales side of the publishing industry hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, per year now. What’s to be done about it, though? Please comment on this post with your own ideas and suggestion on the matter of ending e-book piracy.

Scott Harper

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